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Yep!! Talk about increasing your chances of finding the winner… In recent weeks fork guru GATOR has had the winner in his top-rated runners section around 90% of the time!


On Saturday, he had 17 winners in his top-rated runners section and his Bet Of The Day: OAK DOOR won the last so… Punters went home happy!




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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday on Soft-6 track with rail out 3m. It was a tough day to come wide and swoop home. Many on-pace runners (and leaders) left the rail but doubt it was ANY disadvantage being on that inside section.
Thanks to all who voted (and you can do so each week through twitter – my handle is @gatorgately). You clearly voted for WINX in Sydney (fair enough !!) however, from the Melbourne options given you had HARTNELL as Run Of The Day with 16% of the vote, BRAVE SMASH (10%) and VEGE MAGIC (7%) rounded out the podium.
So back to HARTNELL. What a dominant return it was. He tracked a genuine speed (48.78 1st-800m) and quickly took over under  ahold before clearing out to win by 2.2L. His overall time was 1-24.06 and his rider Craig Williams reported he was on his ‘’wrong leg’’ a fair bit, add to that, he carried 61.3kg with the ‘’extra weight’’ Craig accidentally had on him… It clearly only adds merit to the win. IF you are looking for an asterix, it was a race where not much changed. Not quite a ‘’Grand Prix Race’’ but yeah, most of the horses simply held their spots here.
CHARMED HARMONY led and whilst he was no match at all for the winner he held third, a genuine G1 star, BLACK HEART BART so the effort was good. Yes he was advantaged by give in the track and by the race shape (not much changed) but yeah, good effort. BLACK HEART BART kept closing and was mildly lame post-race so that is noteworthy. Drier the better for him also. HE’S OUR ROKKII sat 4th inside and battled well holding that 4th spot. TOSEN STARDOM battled well also from up handy and HUMIDOR was ten pick of the closers, his last 100m (against race shape) was quite nice.
To Listed Regal Roller and VEGA MAGIC was excellent winning with 60.5kg after sitting 3-wide on-speed, he broke clear 200m or so out and held off BRAVE SMASH who was just as good getting into an awkward spot and being held-up a touch, he exploded and they raced away from some very good horses. In fact, there was 4.25L back to 3rd. Worth noting, BRAVE SMASH had 6.5kg less than VEGA MAGIC here. Two great runs!! SANTA ANA LANE worked home well for a clear third but was left behind when runner-up Brave Smash built momentum. RELDAS worked home quite well for fourth. Like the run of CHOCOLATE HOLIC who had good late splits after settling way back and copping a baulk, he too will be better drier. They ran 1-10.04 on Soft ground here.
It was only a BM78 but Race 3 was a deep race! They ran 1-4.46 for 1100m off 29.89 1st-500m and QUILISTA led, left rail, and kept going to well for THEANSWERMYFRIEND who raced keen (fresh) just off pace, wide yet still ran home hard living winner 3kg. His return was terrific. Good horse. CHAPEL ROAD had more luck today and was a solid (every chance) third with DUSTY JACK (from off midfield, wider) and LAND OF PLENTY (in-between runners) both hitting the line sweetly and running good closing slits. Sneaky good run from KAZIO (had top-3 last 400/200m splits of the day) but 1100m was way too sharp, especially this track, this day. Hmmm…
The Quezette was for the fillies (Race 5) and match-fit CROWN WITNESS sat handy, controlled the race to some extent and kicked-in well when CATCHY was launching, yes winner had fitness edge and a 2kg weight advantage but  good tough effort, CATCHY ran 4th-fastest last 200m of the day, and they did beat third quite clearly, that third filly was PLOVERSET who had rails trail and every hope. SHE’S SO HIGH had the back of Catchy and got left a bit but her late work was nice, she will get further. SEANNIE came from back and wide (wrong day!) yet still ran home hard, in fact her 11.3 last 200m was the fastest of the day.
The Vain Stks for 3yo males was a little more competitive (there was only 3L over the first seven) with JUKEBOX running down PLUTOCRACY who had slipped away after racing up handy. Like the run of POSEIDON’S POOL from 3rd-last between runners who took around 1.5L off talented winner Jukebox that last 300m, yes he had the match fitness but the run was super. DUCIMUS was sol=und but no match for the trifecta, do think he will be better drier though. KOBAYASHI showed good speed but raced too keen/ fresh and did not seem to enjoy being restrained mid race, they really slowed this race up mid-point, he needs to settle better, or, be let roll. FULLY MAXED made nice ground too. VERANILLO played up pre-race and is another better suited drier for mine.
STEP THE PEDAL (back/wide Vs pattern), NOT ONLY FLORINA (amiss), CERTAIN ELLIE (wide no cover), WRITTEN ERA (unsuited back in trip), OREGON’S DAY (run off her legs a bit – she had fastest last 600/400m splits of the day!), RISQUE (lame), BIG DUKE (mile was bit sharp Vs pattern – he ran 3rd-fastest last 400m of day), AMOVATIO (way back and wide), SEANNIE (as mentioned – nice run/ filly), KOBAYASHI (as mentioned), VERANILLO (ditto), WAIT FOR NO ONE (wide/ working), EVIL CRY (came too wide), MONTOYA’S SECRET (way back/ wide), GAILO CHOP (ditto – race/ day pattern against these two), SOUCHEZ (made ground late Vs pattern), LORD VON COSTA (blew start. hit rail turn), REINCARNATE (back and wide) and NEVIS (checked out of race).
In Sydney it was RANDWICK and track was GOOD-3 with rail 3m. They had a cross-wind then a big tail-wind up the straight so there were some very, very fast times/ sectionals recorded this day!
Well, pretty much every time she runs it is WINX and, speaking of closing sectionals, check these out: 55.18/ 43.34/ 31.98/ 21.06/ 10.7. Her last 1000m of 55.18 would have been a 1000m track record (old record was broken in race 9 with Super Too and she ran 55.72. Yes WINX had a rolling start but she still had to run 400m before running said split home. Of course, she only just got there but the win was phenomenal given she blew the start hopelessly. What a freak !
… Others in that Warwick Stks, well, the return of FOXPLAY was great, she had sweet run and then secured inside run but did look home. ECUADOR led in 48.94 and was only run over late himself, would love to see him back a notch as suspect he is flying again this prep. RED EXCITEMENT kept coming and was very good himself at WFA. ANTONIO GUISEPPE did more than enough also. They ran 1-21.87 (record is 1-20.34).
The Toy Show Qlty was Race 7 and SWEET REDEMPTION led in 40.33 1st-700m (around 3L quicker early than 3yo’s earlier in day) and ran 1-14.96 (actually .2 slower than said 3yos). She slipped away and just lasted from the unlucky EURO ANGEL who just needed more room earlier, she still ran home clear race-fastest 11.08 last 200m. IMPOSING LASS sat 4th and ROCKET COMMANDER up 2nd, they both were left a bit when leader (winner) kicked but came again. HETTY HEIGHTS worked home 11.25 after racing with Euro Angel. ZANBAGH home 11.32 did enough for sure.
The Up And Coming Stks was that 3YO race I mentioned and it rated very well relative to those older mares given, as mentioned, they have been able to run quicker time despite a slower 1st-700m split. DRACARYS came from off midfield and came wide with no real cart into it yet kept coming and ran 10.7/ 11.2 home. Very good win! GOLD STANDARD was travelling with the winner and came out with him, he was just no match but beat third 2.3L, that thord horse was SANCTIONED who sat up second and battled well but had no answer for the quinella. A few made the forgive file here….
The Show County was Race 8 and DEPLOY had the good run one-one but loved his toughness late, the gelding of this bloke has just made him a ripper (genuine) racehorse. He ran 1-8.06 (track record) and held off THE VIRGINIAN who ran a slick 10.45 400m-to-200m then home 11.23 which had him 1/100ths of second quicker than the winner that last 200m. BURNING PASSION was so gallant, he gave them weight, they went by but he just refused to yield easily! SPECTROSCOPE and INVADER were never likely but both did nice work late in fast race…. Home 11.22 and 11.25 respectively.
Better give SUPER TOO a wrap given she scorched the turf early (out 22.56 off standing start – 1st-400m) and kept running….. Recording a new track record of 55.72 for the 1000m. LAST WITNESS home 10.42/ 11/06 was very good and GIBRALTAR GIRL  from mile back and wide ran home 10.45/ 11.09… Both excellent in fact !!
Oh, FORMALITY ran a race record in race 1 – She was tough holding off ALIZEE in 1-8.83 with trial star CHAMPAGNE CUDDLES warming yup nicely late, her 10.73 last 200m was A) fast and B) race-fastest.
ARRESTAR (no luck vital stage), KINGIA (wide), MURAQABAA (back/ wide Vs tempo), INZ N OUT (poor recovery), PETROSSIAN (4-wide), EMBLEY (wide also), ESHTIRAAK (not much room until last 100m – did hit line), TOGA PICTA (badly blocked / hooked out and hit line hard – also, pulled-up coughing), INFERENCE (wide run), CALCULATED (blood one nostril), EURO ANGEL (stiff), SHAZEE LEE (back and too keen), OMEI SWORD 9nearly fell start – ran 11.15 last 200m – race-fastest) and TOP STRIKER (poor recovery).
- Gator


Author: Gator

Yes WINNERS but not only winners… Our man GATOR explains all of his selections in great detail so you, the punter, can be better educated and keep those WINNERS coming !!


From Saturday, Gator had these TOP-RATED RUNNERS salute:


- HARTNELL ($2.8)

- FORMALITY ($3.7)


- WINX (wow!!!)

- SUPER TOO ($4)


… add to that, in only four of the 18 races covered did Gator not have the winner in his Top-Rated Runners section… He even made a strong case for AUVRAY in Sydney at $17… Add to that, a heap of quinellas/ trifectas!


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Author: Gator

Yep…. Another double figure odds winners from THE BEST …..  GATOR !!!

This is what he wrote… for G1 subscribers:


ROSEHILL – Race 7 No.10 - INVINZABEEL - Poleaxed fresh. When 2nd-up last prep he raced away from Moher and meets him 5.5kg better today! Need luck from gate but $12 is stupid odds
*** Add to that his Bet Of The Day (NEW UNIVERSE) won and he had SOVEREIGN NATION ($8) and DE LITTLE ENGINE ($3.2) as top-rated runners ***
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In recent weeks, form guru David ”Gator” Gately has declared these his ”Best Value Bet Of The Day”:


- ROARING TO WIN (WON – Randwick $8 was bet)

- DON’T PLEAD GUILTY (WON – Sandown and paid over $12 across the totes)

- TIVACI (WON G1 and $10 was bet !!)

- DERRYN (WON Randwick – They went up $11 when G1 email went out…)


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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday with rail out 9m on GOOD-4 to GOOD-3 track. The first seven winners were all in the first four spots with 600m to travel, in the other two races, Duke Of Brunswick settled fifth and Thermal Current seventh but he made his run through nearer the inside rail, that inside section looked to have a clear advantage.
Run Of The Day:
Hoping with 2YO FORMALITY who showed blistering gate speed to lead, then was shaded and annoyed by one over-racing up outside her (no bonus! they often are beaten in this scenario) yet she absorbed that pressure, kicked through and won very well. She went through the line strongly too, her 11.15 last 200m split was bettered only by quality older Sprinter Thermal Current on the day.
The race was run 24.41 1st-400m and 35.87 1st-600m so they didn’t go hard. The overall time was 58.1 (average for 2YO’s this class is 57.74). Lining this race up from last year: Extreme Choice worked up on a stronger speed (24-flat 1st-400m) and raced away stopping the clock in 57.09 so, some 6L faster. Of course, he went on to win the Blue Diamond beating Flying Artie and they spaced the rest in fast time.
Summary, it seems FORMALITY is NOT Extreme Choice, nor is she Flying Artie but this year, doubt she needs to be!! There does not appear to be a standout one, two 2YO’s we saw last year and, well, that was backed-up when those standout 2yo’s ran 1-2 in Diamond with….. huge gap to third!
Of the others: TIME AWAITS had every chance off speed inside but battled well into second, looks a more likely 3yo to my eye. SPOILS was the one up outside the winner over-racing and she did herself no favours, she needs cover! FENG CHU hit the line 11.19 which was bettered only by the winner. Liked the run of BALLE D’OR who was restrained and way back then found trouble, the 600-400-200m splits were race-fastest, her 22.12 last 400m was race-fastest, she had enough late but was entitled to tire. She ran well.
The other 2YO race was Inglis Premier (Race 4) and JUKEBOX was very professional, he had rails trail, got the inside run and won well. He ran 1-10.43 off an even 35.33 1st-600m, the average for the class is 1-10.70. COPPERGATE was slow out, back inside and a bit new yet found line nicely, his 23.20 last 400m was race-fastest. PERAST was the one they backed, he drove through to lead but hung badly first time this track and battled very well given that. CAPTIVATOR was no match for Jukebox again but did find the line (23.53) and acts like needs 1400m.
Race 7 was Manfred Stks and sole filly LEGLESS VEUVE went forward, sat up second on a crawling 37.17 1st-600m, that is barrier trial speed, she took over from leader INTO ORBIT (who ran second) and kept going to well, she ran 1-10.82 so near 5L slower than the average however, they had no hope of running slick overall time off that tempo! HEY DOC sat off them, keen early, he kept finding the line in pleasing return (11.23 last 200m/ race-fastest) then DERRYN who travelled up well behind them but those leaders would not stop! MORTON’S FORK made a good return given the tempo (22.16 last 400m was race-fastest/ 11.24 last 200m) as did WAZZENME (11.24 home) but it was simply a ‘’Grand Prix’’ race… Nothing really changed it’s position.
Race 8 was Adams Stks and THERMAL CURRENT was, as mentioned, the only run-on winner all-day, admittedly he did save ground, he did record 11.12 last 200m (21.97 last 400m) in day’s fastest closing splits. SHAKESPEAREAN LASS led inside in 23.92/ 35.14 1st-400m/600m and was only grabbed late. SUNDAY ESCAPE ran another sound race. READY SUNSHINE ran home in 11.20 after being beaten for speed, it was a very good run out of his class! I’m tired of BEAU RADA but maybe ridden a bit warm? Time: 57.54 (ave 57.34)
DUKE OF BRUNSWICK was ‘’off the map’’ to win the last and ridden touch colder he ran over in-form SMART DART and was well away from that inside lane. All honours him. He ran 1-23.55 (ave 1-23.66) off even 49.1 1st-800m. Good return from underrated ADIRONDACK who kept finding th eline. CHARLIE BOY (3rd-fastest home) was sound. Lovely return from TRY FOUR who was hard at it 500m out then zoomed late (11.27 last 200m was race-fastest – he ran 33.6 last 600m), great return. ZEBRINZ ran home 33.49 and 11.29 and might be ready 3rd-up but needs things to pan out well for him.
ZASORCERESS (sore), HURSLEY (no luck key stage), SIR PROSPECTOR (wide), SKULDUGGERY (lame), EVIL CRY (sore), WANTED HARMONY (blew start), BEAVERBROOK (wide/ poor recovery), MISS GIDGET (way back and wide), CHAT TO MAGGIE (found traffic), KENTUCKY FLYER (wide/ needs wetter), COOL SNITZEL (lame), INVINCIBLE HEART (lost spot/ hit line race-fastest/ ran well), MANOLO BLAHNIQ (forced wide off slow speed), INSIDE AGENT (keen/ tempo against), TRENCHANT (no hope this tempo), LADY ESPRIT (no luck !!), FAATINAH (shot in action), GRANE (blew start), SHOW A STAR (shuffled back out of race), GREAT ESTEEM (lame).
In Sydney it was RANDWICK on GOOD track with rail out 6m. Pattern favoured those away from the inside lanes especially as the day wore on.
Run Of The Day:
MAN FROM UNCLE sat midfield, wide no cover yet kept coming and arrived right near the wire in terrific return win!
He ran 1-11.20 off 35.66 1st-600m and was only one to break 12-secs last 200m despite the wide run. GUARD OF HONOUR sat second, took over and looked home when gave neat kick, he was collared late, he was giving winner 2kg. GENERALISSIMO was an every chance third and sound. SPENDING TO WIN led but was just no match (just .8L off winner) and COMIN’ THROUGH drifted back/ came widest and ran 11.58/ 11.29 600-to-400-to-200m (both race-fastest) then 12.10 late, he has been a sectional star throughout his short career to date and looks a G1 horse in the making no worries.
Breeders Classic was Race 7 and IN HER TIME joined in a way out yet was too strong for EGYPTIAN SYMBOL (good run through/ solid) with FLIPPANT (on-speed) close-up 3rd. They ran 1-10.75 which was .55 faster than those handy 3yo’s despite a very similar early split, these girls went 35.62 1st-600m. DANISH TWIST was bit too far back but she motored late, she ran 11.07 400-to-200m then 11.91 home. Loved the return of CIRCULAR too from way back, gee she found the wire! Her 11.71 last 200m was amongst day’s fastest. TSARIST ran 11.80 nearer inside/ nice return her also.
2YO race was won by VERANILLO who sat up handy on 29.17 1st-500m, grabbed the leader then was strongest late, that leader was EDEN ROCK who held clear third. Between them was EXCEEDS who closed strongly off an awkward start, they didn’t smash the clock, 1-5.38 here for 1100m but it was not a fast day.
DEPLOY won the last and he impressed, he had to do it up in the weights today and, was out to 1400m. He was left in front a way out when leader fainted too. They went 48.98 1st-800m and winner remains unbeaten as a gelding, he ran 1-24.74. GOT UNDERS and TOWER OF SONG were off the winner and kept closing, both every chance. Liked the run of VELADERO who covered ground early (yes, fence off later in day but still, covered much more territory than trifecta) and ROARING TO WIN ran home 12.11 which was race-fastest in race dominated closer to the speed.
TESTASHADOW (poor recovery), HIS MAJESTY (found trouble), RUNSATI (wide), ALL SUMMER LONG (worst ground), ESTEBAN (worst ground).
- Gator

Yep, ”our man” David ‘Gator’ Gately was on fire again at Caulfield/ Randwick on Saturday with his BET OF THE DAY in BOTH states winning easily… Early shoppers were rewarded with nice price(s) too!

*** DUKE OF BRUNSWICK (Caulfield) ***

*** DAL CIELO (Randwick) ***


Add to those, he had:





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8 x races – Early quaddie tipped, main quaddie tipped, big-6 tipped and…. 5 out of 8 ON TOP for The Gator !

This was the email received from one of our G1 subscribers last week after another week of value winners!




PEARL CONGENIAL ($10 was bet)


AIRALIGN ($7 – Best Each-Way Bet Of Day)


Our man Gator tipped FORCE OF MAGIC in Sydney 3rd top-rated, it paid $21 in some places !!

Oh, and his Best Roughie placed in Sydney – Hand From Above at very nice odds!


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