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Racing was at MOONEE VALLEY on Saturday on GOOD-4 track with Rail in 3m position. Whilst there was no disadvantage to those up near the speed, have to conclude the track played well. Three winners led or sat up second, two swooped, two came from midfield using ‘’inside runs’’.
With a whopping 78% of the vote (get involved each Saturday – follow twitter handle @gatorgately) it was VOODOO LAD and seriously, how could you argue with that !! The win was nothing short of outstanding. He missed the kick and was back last nearing the turn checking off heels, he hooked out the widest and just rounded them up to win going away… Wow !!!
He ran 1-11.21 for the 1200m off a 35.58 1st-600m split, no shock he dominated the sectionals here home 11.70 and he was the only one to break 12-seconds home. Runner-up KEEN ARRAY came from midfield and joined in strongly, his return was good, but winner was in a different league! (home 12.11). SEBRING SUN was solid with every hope in third and have to sat fourth horse WELL SPRUNG stuck on super off a wide/ tough run here. Bit worried about FAST N ROCKING now…
To the G1 Dato Tan Chin Nam and AWESOME ROCK impressed. He did join in strongly and come away although it has to be said, it was a ‘messy’ race. They ran along early then backed off the tempo before leader THE CLEANER upped the anti from about the 700m, he stuck OK but did fade that last 100m. 1st-800m split was 48.53 and overall time was 1-37.01 so nothing sensational, in fact, the other mile race won by Mihany was won in 1-37.23, so, pretty similar time and that was off a 49.41 1st-800m so, the G2 race was run some 5L quicker early yet only .22 quicker overall. Runner-up REAL LOVE came from back (just off winner) and was a touch tight turning then hit line 12.20 (winner 12.19) with SET SQUARE (wide/ partial cover/ wider turn/ still hit line) a very good third. TOSEN STARDOM was race-fastest 12.16 home after only seeing daylight 170m from the line! THE UNITED STATES was also held-up and he ran 12.18 home, he was only clear around 180m from the post. Loved the run of JAMEKA (again) here from back and 4-wide then even wider on the bend, she ran home 12.43 despite that.
Back to R6 and the Atlantic Jewel. MERRIEST sat second on WHISPERING BROOK and they slipped away turning and ran 1-2. They went 35.83 1st-600m and ran 1-11.09 overall so slower early than open sprinters (Voodoo Lad race) yet faster overall, the race rated well. Winner was strong but did have 3.5kg on the runner-up. SWEET SHERRY was held-up as those leaders slipped away yet ran home hard when clear, her 11.50 last 200m was race-fastest, SEBRING DREAM ran home 11.79 after also being handle blocked as those leaders kicked, liked her return! Trusting this race.
R5 was the McEwen Stks at WFA and WILD RAIN led in 35.69 and kept going to well for FURNACES who sat up second so another 1-2 all the way race. They ran 58.82 for the 1000m. HEATHERLY lost it at the start then came wide before running home strongly (11.74) from SHIEDEL (stuck well off wide run) and O’MALLEY (followed Heatherly – made ground on her late – home 11.65 – race-fastest) who was 2nd-up off long spell.
Touched on the MIHANY race and winner led and was dominant off that 49.41 1st-800m. RAW IMPULSE did enough but just couldn’t quicken off that tempo, love the way OBSERVATIONAL hit the wire (home 11.66 last 200m).
Note also the new season 4YO’s once again dominated the BM78, winner VOSTOK had sweet run and just nailed MR INDIVIDUAL who was wide on-speed and enormous !! They went 54.84 early and 1-32.20 overall for 1514m. The new 3YO’s race was run much slower (59.4) and won in 1-33.09 and that was HEY DOC beating ROCKETEER with gap to third.
CHOICE (slow recovery), BONNIE BELLE (little room), LARRIKIN (badly tightened turn), ONTOFF OFTHE WORLD (very wide), JUNIOR BURGER (no room straight), OSCAR’S MY MATE PA (little peace), HOKKAIDO (back and wide), ZAHSPEED (slow recovery), HEATHERLY (start was costly), SEBRING DREAM (unlucky/ good), OREGON’S DAY (raced tight/ doubt loved MV), GRETNA (forced wide), ZAMZAM (forced wider), WELL SPRUNG (wide/ good), ROUGH JUSTICE (clear too late), TADDEI TONDO (never clear), IGGIMACOOL (no room at all), FAST CASH (poor recovery), TOSEN STARDOM (no luck/ good), THE UNITED STATES (no luck/ good), JACQUINOT BAY (no run/ room), MAHUTA (signs of colic), MISS ROSE DE LAGO (3-wide on-speed) and TALL SHIP (internal bleed).
In Sydney racing was at RANDWICK and track went from HEAVY-9 to HEAVY-8, the rail was out 6m and track played quite well but fancy hard on that inside rail was not the A-ground. Always wary relative times on wet (and improving !) tracks.
Hard to go past HARTNELL who looked like Might And Power the way he bounded away and won eased down about 70m from the post. Easy to say he wins by 10L if let go!
What did he beat? Well, that is the obvious question but always believe what you see (and he did chase Winx fresh running similar splits to her), he ran 11.59 here 400-to-200m and 12.34 (eased up). GRAND MARSHALL was clear last and ridden along but he hit the line hard to grab second from STORM THE STARS who led and fell into 3rd from PREFERMENT and WHO SHOT THEBARMAN who both went over the line sweetly. PRIZED ICON raced too keen the 3YO. Note, there was 1.4L between second place and last here. They ran 1-39.13 for the mile.
Race 6 was Fast & Furious Stks and FOXILY unleashed a terrific finale to run down BACARELLA who had given a very nice kick, these two had a gap on third, winner was dominant sectionals wise running 12.21 her last 200m. Overall time was 1-12.58 for 1200m off 35.95 1st-600m. Third filly GLOBAL GLAMOUR ran a great race after covering ground and racing very ‘’new’’, she ran home 12.62 and her split was bettered only by the winner. SMART AMELIA came from just off the winner, she was held-up a touch then strong late but no match at all (home 12.7). I AM A STAR was not far off third and sound her first go on wet.
The Ming Dynasty was Race 3 and SWEAR sat up handy on a modest 51.01 1st-800m and won OK without raving. Safe to say HIGH MIST was a bit stiff after being checked when trying to build momentum, she ended up back on the inside rail, she was 11.88 home against winner’s 11.98 and overall time 1-26.97 had to be slow given wet and slow speed. SKYLIGHT GLOW led the winner and held on (entitled to) with gap to TAJ MAHAL fourth (had  no hope this tempo).
The Tramway was Race 8 and HAURAKI impressed coming from second-last, he had race-fastest (any runner/ any section) 11.23 split 400-to-200m then ran home 11.84 and was only one to break 12-seconds home. Early tempo was 49.89 1st-800m and they ran 1-25.93 overall for 1400m but tough lining that up against 3yo’s given their first 800m split was some 7L faster! LE ROMAIN was unsuited this weight scale and ran very well 2nd-up through nearer the inside. DIBAYANI sat 2nd and gave his all. IT’S SOMEWHAT was an every chance 4th (fresh) with HAPPY CLAPPER 5th, he was left behind when Hauraki ‘’went’’ but warmed up nicely late.
SO WILLIE (lame), DURE (lame), HIGH MIST (stiff), TSARITSA (went wide early with 59kg), TESTASHADOW (worked hard and too wet anyway), CHIPANDA (blew start), HONESTY PREVAILS (slow recovery), I’M IMOGEN (wide),  AWOKE (not much room), PRIZED ICON (too keen), COSMIC CUBE (too wet) and JAPONISME (big weight/ wet?).
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday for G1 action and track was GOOD-4 to GOOD-3, the rail was 6m and there was no bias evident !!
Run Of The Day:
With right on 50% of the vote, the ‘’winner’’ was clear and OCEAN EMBERS takes Run Of The Day this week from DEFINE (21%) and UNDER THE LOUVRE (19%)… It was hardly a shock to this punter, her win was brilliant! To come from where she did (3rd-last) when the leaders absolutely crawled through a 37.66 1st-600m )honestly, I cannot recall a 1200m run slower in recent times on Good track)…. To win, she needed to run freak sectionals, and she did! Home 33.69 last 600m, in that was a 10.88 from 400m-to-200m, then home 11.32…
Ignore the moderate overall time of 1-12.23 here given said ‘’barrier trail’’ speed early, she ran down THAMES COURT who sat up outside that slow pace and battled well to keep a clear second from TELOPEA who saved ground from just off midfield, overcame a slight baulk and ran home hard (home 11.54), her run was good. ANDRASSY led (every possible chance this tempo) and DON’T DOUBT MAMMA motored late here fresh, she was only 2/100ths of second slower than OCEAN EMBERS that last 200m, she was back bear the winner but was ‘’left standing’’ when Ocean Embers took off, her 600m-to-200m was 22.69 Vs winner’s 22.37 an that tells the story. EGYPT was 3rd-fastest home in 11.51, good return her too.
To the G1 Memsie Stks and BLACK HEART BART had the nice run off the strong speed and was too good, simple. They looked to go very hard up front but 1st-800m split was 48.36 so, hardly ‘’suicidal speed’’, built yes, strong speed and winner ran 1-23.93 for 1400m. RISING ROMANCE sat off that speed (just in front of winner) and was good but simply found one better. MAHUTA went through 1-off the inside and just holds third from the gallant TASHBEEH who looks something to bet on shortly away from WFA. These four (up near speed) were in one race and the rest were in the other: PALENTINO got lost but made nice ground gassiest the race shape and measured up to G1/WFA grade, ALPINE EAGLE was a sound 6th (he sat just off the winner) and only 1st-up. TARZINO was run off his legs (clear last !!) and made up very good ground, in fact, his 22.72 last 400m was race-fastest, he and winner BLACK HEART BART (22.94) were the only two to break 23-secs that last 400m. HE OR SHE hit the line quite well also.
The Heatherlie was Race 8 and, well, it was an odd one! A real ‘’grand prix’’ race where nothing much changed all the way around, the first four out here ran 1-2-3-4. GREAT ESTEEM led all the way running 1-43.49 (record 1-42.42) beating the well-backed TOM MELBOURNE who sat second and gave his all, he raced keen as usual. LONGERON was third all the way and MAGNAPAL fourth all the way. Best closer was SECOND BULLET who was off a freshen and he hit the line 22.91/ 11.66 both race-fastest. BERISHA (did enough) and ARAB DAWN (nice on line – home 11.68) ran well given race pattern and PROVOCATIVE warmed up when race was all over, she ran 11.82 last 200m but it was really only that last 50m she ‘’got warm’’. Had to like the way ALMOONQITH hit the wire too! (no splits recorded for him).
REDZEL was backed and sped along leading all the way in R5, he ran 29.71 1st-500m (well rated) and held off UNDER THE LOUVRE who produced his customary rocket finish… Wow, that last 100m!! He is always a sectional star and ran 11.58 home here. Liked the return of SANTA ANA LANE from off midfield, he found traffic then ran home 11.7 one-off that inside section. DAN ZEPHYR (midfield/ saved ground/ sound return) and WE’VE GOT THIS (nice late – his last 200m was just 1/100ths off that of Under The Louvre – Not many get close to his closing fractions). Jury out HELLBENT.
The 3yo’s did battle in Mcneill Stks Race 6 and DEFCON was not brilliantly away, gave them all weight (bar one) yet was too strong late, had to really like his last 50m or so when he showed his dominance. He beat HIGHLAND BEAT who travelled up like the winner and was solid, but no match late. WAZZENME ran home well, his 11.86 last 200m was the equal of HIGHLAND BEAT and bettered only by winner (11.53). SEABURGE also had the full penalty and he ran a sound fourth here fresh. REVOLVING DOOR made nice ground (home 11.94) with HARDHAM (11.93) who acts like he wants 1600m at least. AWAKE IN GRINZING coming off a good debut win in blanket finish did not measure up. They ran 1-11.40 off 35.93 1st-600m. On times, the leaders here would have been some 9L+ in front of Andrassy (led the mares in race 9) with 600m to travel.
Better mention LEOTIE who was dominant despite ‘’switching off’’ when she hit the lead, she ran 21.96 last 400m then day’s fastest 10.94 last 200m off a crawling speed. SEBRIKKA also ran 10.94 home).
Better mention the top return of HE’S OUR ROKKII too who managed an 11.52 last 200m with 56kg fresh-up. HE went to a new level last prep and is back !!
SEBRIKKA (injured), LABELLA (only clear last 50m/ good return!), ALL CERISE (rider concerned with action), GINALI (missed kick/ wants further), MANHATTAN BLUES (very wide), CHASE THE HORIZON (bad start/ good finish), SUNDAY ESCAPE (never clear !!!), SHIRAZ (very wide), KINETIC DESIGN (back and wide), MISS SOFTHANDS (little room. tempo against), A LOTTA LOVE (4-wide), JESSY BELLE (still not out !!) and MOSSIN AROUND (3-deep no cover).
In Sydney racing was at ROSEHILL where track started Heavy-8 and went Soft-7 from race 6 onwards. Rail was True, winners were off the inside lanes and that was the better ground.
Run Of The Day:
Whilst star 3yo’s ASTERN and STAR TURN were excellent (gapped rest) I’m leaning to SIR BACCHUS for top honours on the day. He went way back and leader got away with 36.82 1st-600m then pinched a break straightening, the back markers were left flat-footed and a ‘’mile’’ back… SIR BACCHUS warmed up then charged late (11-flat 400-to-200m then 11.46 home), top return win! Good horse!
Winner ran 1-11.93 which was one full second (around 6L) slower than aforementioned star 3yo’s however, they were one full second slower that first 600m so… Runner-up was SNOOPY who sat upon sharing second and kept giving! Suited further now it seems. HANDFAST sat back at tail behind winner, he came widest and ran a sub-11 split 400m-to-200m then ran home 11.54, good return him too. Leader was ENCOSTANATI (well-rated/ nice kick/ grabbed late).
As mentioned over the last few weeks, the new season 3yo’s keep running time! The Run To The Roses was no different. Yep, 35.81 1st-600m then 1-10.92 overall (on an improving track it needs to be said) and the quinella had 3.5L on the rest of the field, said quinella was ASTERN who came from midfield and joined in very quickly, great change-up speed! he ran 11-flat 400-to-200m then 11.13 home, STAR TURN was runner-up and he too ran 11.13 home, arguably, his rider was a little ‘’too patient’’ as he took over still bolting, fancy he was taken a bit by surprise given who quick ASTERN did quicken. The distant third was IMPENDING who was between the quinella straightening, he didn’t quicken like the stablemate but kept battling well and pipped EL DIVINO (led) for third, MEDITERRANEAN was close-up 5th with NIKITAS who did well after covering ground (fence was off). TESSERA went over line nicely (home 11.45) and wants further.
The Premier’s Cup was Race 8 and SENSE OF OCCASION sat wide midfield and despite that, kept coming and ran over SINGING (every chance/ honest!) late, all honours winner but the quinella did have the match-fitness over MAGIC HURRICANE who joined in like the winner 300m out, fancy he peaked late, he gave them all weight too remember. SONG AND LAUGHTER ran home 11.97 after being bit slow into stride, only winner (11.94) was home faster.
Liked the speed win of CHETWOOD in the last as new season 4yo with big weight, he sustained strong speed mid race and kept running, there were good gaps behind, CONARCHIE was clear second best after siting up second and ORCYM SAM ran home quite well for distant 3rd. WE’RE SURE ran on (too close inside for mine) and CAN I HAVE hit line 12.07 so he was race-fastest home, ready to win in easier? They ran 1-21.97 for 1350m.
NORTHERN JOURNEY (attacked lead mid race), ERIKA (no peace), EXTENSIBLE (no peace entire race!! Sigh!!), RHODIN DRIVE (drove lead read), COCOEXCEL (1400m??), MOMMA’S SNITZEL (checked 200m), HIS MAJESTY (slow out/ worst ground), TELPERION (back/ wide), TESSERA (not in A-ground), ALLERGIC (luckless), LOOPHOLE (worked hard early), RULING DYNASTY (wet/ amiss?), CANNYESCENT (back and wide) and EVER SO NATURAL (thumps).
Bring on Saturday!
- Gator

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Racing was at MOONEE VALLEY on Saturday on a track upgraded from Soft-6 to Soft-5 from race 7 onwards. The rail was TRUE, the pattern suited those off the inside rail.
Run Of The Day:
The podium horses this week: KEN’S DREAM, CATCH A FIRE and FAST CASH. Giving the ‘’gold’’ to KEN’S DREAM though, he went from an Echuca maiden into Saturday’s Mckenzie Stks and led in a modest 37-flat 1st-600m yet was able to run 1-12.68 for 1200m…
…why was this so impressive? There were 4 x 1200m races on the day and this 3YO ran 1-12.68 and was within 3/100ths of s second of seasoned older sprinters later in the day (on upgraded track) won by JUST MAGICAL and he ran this time despite the first half of the race being run around 9L slower !! KEN’S DREAM beat DAM READY and there were one-two all the way, the runner-uo had trialled super coming in and they gapped third, that third horse was THROSSELL who was sound home and beat fourth easy.
So, race 9, JUST MAGICAL sits off the 35.29 1st-600m and finished too well running 1-12.63 holding off FAST CASH who couldn’t keep up early then flashed late to just miss (12.45 last 200m was race-fastest). SEBRING SUN made a good debut for the Weir stable coming from midfield wide with cover and joining in, fancy he peaked late, fancy he is better drier too! RICH JACK raced tight turning and kept going strongly to the wire, there was just .3 over these four horses. MAGICUS went early and couldn’t quite finish it off, he was 5th. MAGNUS REIGN ran home 12.76 and was sound.
The Carlyon Stks was Race 8 over 1000m and HEATHERLY was too strong despite racing ‘’fresh’’ midway, she took over early (off 36.21 1st-600m) and lasted from VIDDORA who measured up very well, she was wide no cover then charged out after Heatherly, she ran 11.65 home, that figure was bettered only by the resuming O’MALLEY who came from last, came wide and attacked wire in 11.62, the fastest all day. Great return him! ENERAL TRUCE was an every chance 4th. They ran 59.82 for the 1000m.
CATCH A FIRE was super winning race 3 coming from back, she was forced wide and asked to sustain a long run fresh-up yet beat older mares clearly. She ran 1-13.01 off 36.35 1st-600m (so quicker early than Ken’s Dream, yet slower overall). FOREIGN AFFAIR measured up well (every chance) running second and had match-fitness on-side. VIBRANT ROUGE keeps racing well, she ran home hard late and her 12.13 was clear race fastest, she wants 1400m! NOT A HAPPY CAMPER ran super here off wide run and she drifted back to slower inside lanes in the straight. ROCKOLICIOUS raced tight then was close-up, fancy she wants further too. FRENCH EMOTION made a good return running home 12.18 from back on rail, after being held-up.
SWEET SHERRY won the fillies race (race 4) and ran 1-13.37 for the 1200m, it was the slowest of the four 1200m races but they also went a ridiculous 37.82 1st-600m so they were never able to run time. Winner had rails trail then gained inside run (but off rail) so it was perfection for her. TAN TAT BEAUTY attached the line from midfield with cover and MOTOWN LIL was forced wide then rattled home in 11.68, great run Vs the slow speed and one of the faster closing splits of the day.
AU REVOIR (lame), CAPRESE (poor recovery), REFUSE TO LOSE (poor recovery), FRENCH EMOTION (limited luck/ room), ZAMZAM (upside/ down), MOONLOVER (slow out/ worst ground), DEZURI (wide), VERSTAPPEN (lame), BAFFERT (mucous), LUCQUES (worst ground), TOOLEYBUC KID (slow recovery), COOLDINI (wide), CHILL PARTY (action/ amiss?), SHIRAZ (luckless), PASSING SHOT (slow recovery), LE BONSIR (took off wide/ early), RUNSATI (led VS pattern) and SHAF (shuffled back/ no guide).
In Sydney the racing was hot, the track was RANDWICK and the rating of the track was Soft-5 to Good-4, the winners were away from the inside rail.
Run Of The Day:
With 50% of the vote you went with WINX over DIVINE PROPHET (22%) and OMEI SWORD (19%)…. No shock for mine! WINX was outstanding, sitting off the slow (50.94 1st-800m) speed and cruising to the lead under a hold (just like recent greats Black Caviar and Maybe Diva before her), she ran amazing sectionals, as she does !
… The runner-up was HARTNELL and he might be back to his best? He tracked the winner and got left but battled well to the wire beating leader REBEL DANE who just lasted for third from LUCIA VALENTINE who is never that effective ridden that close, she also battled well. VANBRUGH was the disappointment off the nice trial. They ran 1-23.83 for 1400m.
Back to Race 4 and DIVINE PROPHET was restrained to last, came widest and ran over two good ones in DERRYN and THORIUM, what adds merit to the win was the fact said placegetters were one-two in running and ran 41.9 1st-650m. There was a gap to 4th, PRIZED ICON, his effort with 61kg was most pleasing, yes he copped windburn from winner but that winner had 6kg on him from their G1 clash in Autumn. TAJ MAHAL made a good return also after racing keen/ fresh early. Worth noting they ran around 8L quicker early than the other 1300m race (won well by PEARLS) so no shock they ran quicker, 1-16.68 whilst PEARLS recorded 1-17.33.
Hard not to be impressed with OMEI SWORD in the Silver Shadow, she sat midfield off 35.05 1st-600m and niggled before the turn then joined in and raced away running 1-9.68, this filly was .24 quicker than older mare TYCOON TARA a race later. Runner-up BACARELLA sat 3rd no cover and was keen yet joined in with the winner, she was blown away late but ran super. QUICK FEET kept closing nicely into 3rd, ZAFINA did nice work late, she wants further now.
TYCOON TARA sat up second on 35.25 1st-600m and held off LE ROMAIN in the Show County running 1-9.92. MOUNT NEBO was the best closer, he ran home hard, as did MESSENE who was fresh-up here, the old boy went very well also. Winner was .2 slower early and .24 slower overall than filly OMEI SWORD (as touched on)
TORGERSEN (not much room), SHADOW LORD (slow out/ pace against), PINDAN PEARL (blew start badly), ELUSIVE RUNNER (also blew the start, badly), FIVE PENNIES (wide), HIGH TEC (early check), KENT (raced tight as winner went by/ should have finished closer), MANAYA (back/ wide and too keen), ROSE OF MAN (bad start/ good run), FREEZE THE CHARGES (wide) and GLENBAWN DANE (wider!).
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday on GOOD track, the rail was out 3m and track played quite well although the inside lanes did chop out of the day wore on.
Run Of The Day:
Thanks to all who voted, note, for those on twitter you can vote each Saturday evening/ Sunday morning after I have posted the ‘’finalists’’ (twitter handle is @gatorgately).
With 32% of the vote the Run Of The Day winner was JAMEKA, and her return was terrific, off a tardy start she recovered to settle midfield in the Lawrence Stks and closed nicely to be right on the heels despite limited galloping room that last 100m… Also on the podium was MISS ROSE DE LAGO (31%) from I AM A STAR (20%).
MISS ROSE DE LAGO was strong winning the Lawrence as the tempo meant she was a sitting shot for swoopers late but she kept going too well for the match-fit JACQUINOT BAY who was every hope but certainly rock solid given the WFA scale was against him somewhat. Third was ENTIRELY PLATINUM who closed nicely fresh off the back of his nice jump out form. LORD OF THE SKY led in 48.05 1st-800m so he certainly set a solid (if not suicidal) speed and was only collared that last 150m, he ran well given it was tougher to lead as the day went on. Loved the run of MAGNAPAL who was outsped in fast-run 1400m and was building momentum beautifully when baulked, he still hit the line 12.09 last 200m which was bettered only by SET SQUARE who rushed home 11.85 from way back. Others of note: SUAVITO (home 12.12) and BERISHA (also home 12.12) did more than enough! Overall time was 1-24.85
The other 1400m race was Race 9 and although BM78 grade, it was a strong race given the trifecta have form around Group horses! Said trifecta was PRINCE OF BROOKLYN (great ride from wide draw and he was favoured drawing wider later in the day but, loved the chase and he ran down a handy one); MR INDIVIDUAL (led in 49.45 – so – Lord Of The Sky would have been around 8L in front of him with 600m to run – He was entitled to kick, he did, but had no answer for winner late) and VOSTOK (sat second and battled well but quinella were too strong – he beat fourth ok). Worth noting these three were the new season 4yo’s and time was not far off that of the Lawrence Stks (1-25.14) despite significantly slower 1st-800m, trusting this form! Others: WHEATSHEAF FLYER ran home in race-fastest 11.93 and was first home the older horses; SO DOES HE (home 12.04) was sound; CURRAGH KING was sub-12 home (11.95) and went very nicely himself.
To the 3YO races, first the boys:
VAIN Stks race R5 and RUSSIAN REVOLUTION was a bit too fast, he led in 30.14 1st-500m so had it easy enough then kicked strongly, he ran 11.36 400-to-200m then lasted to score and stopped the clock 1-5.14, as you will see, his time measured up well against fillies and older horses on the day. If there is a query on the race it has to be the fact that there was 2.6L over the first seven runners!?!? Time will tell. Runner-up HIGHLAND BEAT just lost touch (and around 1L) and a vital stage then had good run through and ran home hard (11.70 last 200m was race-fastest) with HARDHAM very good from the back too, he recorded 11.73 and was forced (arguably) a touch too close to those inside lanes? VALLIANO sat second/ leader won but was close-up and sound. WAZZENME had match fitness but ran home well also, he ran 11.93 that last fraction.
The QUEZETTE for the fillies was R6 and the winner was I AM A STAR who produced a big finish from well back just holding off LEOTIE who was run off her legs a bit early and couldn’t really keep up, she eased to the outside and flashed home in 22.7 and 11.49 (2nd-fastest of the day/ winner was 22.8/ 11.68) and they grabbed leader ATHENA LASS late! Said leader ran 29.81 1st-500m so would have led Russian Revolution roughly 2L with 600m to run, they ran 1-5.03 overall so .11 faster than the 3yo males. NAJMAAT was a sound/ every chance 4th here and SWORD OF LIGHT 5th, she had to carry the 57.5kg so was giving weight to all. SELENIA was the only other runner to break 12-seconds home (11.96) and her return was quite good.
The other 1100m race was for the older girls in R4 and OCEAN EMBERS impressed! She sat back off a 30.28 1st-500m (so leader SHAKESPEAREAN LASS was slower early than both 3yo races) yet swopped over them and recorded an 11.37 last 200m which was the fastest of the day! CANA sat handy and hit the lead but was no match for the winner’s finale, good return this girl though. GLENBAWN DAME was up on that modest tempo and held 3rd. They ran 1-5.03 so time was identical to the new season 3yo fillies in the Quezette, however, they were .47 (almost 3L) slower early.
The other key race was the Regal Roller R8 and VOODOO LAD was back to his best around a turn, with the weight relief, he did power away late from JUNGLE EDGE who had a cheap lead (36.47 1st-600m) and the ever-unlucky FAST N ROCKING. PALENTINO was solid fresh given he had a task as a new season 4yo with 60kg here, he ran home 11.97 but winner was too slick, too fit, and had 6kg less! Winner recorded 11.69 last 200m but the 400-to-200m split of 11.25 was significant when putting the race away. They ran 1-11.35 and it was not  away for fast times.
LILLY DAZZLER (little room/ was not hammered!), GIGI GIRL (throat abnormality), MOSSIN’ AROUND (looked big hope when luck ran out vital stage), MISS GIDGET (not much room/ late splits were good), REVOLVING DOOR (wide/ went early), ZANAHARY (wide/ green), SHE’S POSITIVE (wide no cover), MERRIEST (not much room/ chequered run/ back to inside), CONSCIOUS (way too keen), CONCEALER (ditto), MODERN WONDER (sore), MAHUTA (lame), GIRL GUIDE (slow recovery), GOLD SYMPHONY (upside/ down), DOWNHEARTED (3-wide no cover), HOKKAIDO (way back from bad gate/ late splits sound), TINY’S LEGACY (worst going) and FRESHWATER STORM (also in wrong spot).
In Sydney racing was at ROSEHILL on SOFT track. Rail was out 6m and track played well, winners led and swooped here.
Run Of The Day:
The podium spots go to STAR TURN, SADLER’S LAKE and WE’RE SURE (with EXTENSIBLE getting an honourable mention)… Giving the ‘’gold’’ to WE’RE SURE narrowly, he produced an outstanding finale in the last to get up and score and was really the only horse this race to emerge from the back….
…It does add merit to the win given runner-up ENCOSTANATI sat handy, took over (maybe too soon?) and third horse CONARCHIE was right up on-speed also (did cover ground/ ran well). Fourth was DRAGON FLYER who made good ground from just off the winner mid race but was (obviously) no match at all. They ran 1-21.96 for 1350m here.
The feature was the San Domenico Stks STAR TURN ran up to his excellent trials with a terrific win, he sat handy on a moderate 30.50 1st-600m split and took over winning in 1-4.39 for 1100m, the time was exceptional when lining up with the other 1100m race on the day, that race, won by handy older sprinter HIS MAJESTY was won in 1-5.05 which was significantly slower than Star Turn despite the older horse’s race being run faster early (they went 30.17 1st-500m). Great sign for new season 3yo! San Domenico runner-up was TANGO RAIN who had led the winner, and had match-fitness on-side, third was KENTUCKY MISS who was clear in time but no match for the quinella, what she did do was beat Slipper winner CAPITALIST home, he tracked the winner and peeled out looking a big hope but didn’t finish his race off, worth noting he did have the 60kg here.
HIS MAJESTY’s win was very good in R8 by the way, back, baulked key stage then builds momentum and hit line hard beating another swooper in SARAJEVO who came to the outside and rushed home, they had both trialled very well leading in. Third was SAVOUREUX (yep, another swooper/ good return) from SNOOPY who certainly didn’t have much luck at the vital stage, DECISION TIME was fifth and there was .5L covering these five!
TREE OF JESSE (wide no cover and too close), EGYPTIAN RULER (little peace/ ran well), LOUD DEBATE (ditto), MORE THAN FABULOUS (bit wide), ROCK MYLADY (covered ground), DOUKHAN (lame), MR DARCY (found trouble), AURORA GLOW (not much room!), PIRATE BEN (wide no cover), GAME PIE (also not much room), CATON (badly blocked), SACRED MASTER (back and wide off slow speed), COSMIC CUBE (forced 3-wide), RULING DYNASTY (unsuited), SNOOPY (as mentioned), GRANDE PUNTO (held-up until 125m), KANGARILLA JOY (bled), EL SASSO (wide), EVER SO NATURAL (needed more room) and TAKEWING (raced in traffic also).
- Gator

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Email/ Feedback:

All ratings for CAULFIELD are for GOOD track. Rail is out 9m, was 6m here last time and there was no mad pattern, those away from the inside rail later in the day may have the advantage here.
In Sydney we are back at RANDWICK and ratings are for GOOD track. Rail is out 9m. Track played well at 6m last week and last time we were at 9m here the track played… well !! Watch and monitor as always.

CAULFIELD – Race 3 No.2 – SCARLET BILLOWS – Lovely return 1100m off slow speed then wasn’t far off then in G1/WFA 2nd-up. Her last 3rd-up run she was 1.3L off Chautauqua. Her last 1400m run she won stakes race Flemington easily! The weight horse given 97-rating this scale !!

RANDWICK – Race 9 No.13 – NANCY – Wide VS pattern and good fresh then touch stiff in Newmarket race. Like her at 1400m and she maps nicely here.

RANDWICK – Race 6 No.2 – FAST N ROCKING – Not as dynamic on Soft last time. Very good in G1 WFA William Reid prior and perfectly suited these ‘’second level’’ sprint races at SWP level. Looks the overs here.

RADNWICK – Race 2 No.4 – AMMIRATA – Resumes. Two very good trials. Won latest under a hold. Big win with big weight fresh last prep in BM72 grade. Top pick and surprised $8 is about.

CAULFIELD – Race 9 No.15 – NIMINIPIMINY – Resumes. Went to new level last prep. She has fresh form and did like her jump out! Value hope at double figures in tough finish.

Lay Of The Day:
CAULFIELD – Race 4 No.3 – ENTRE NOUS – Jumps in in weights and is poorly weighted this scale overall. That says $4.2 is unders!



Race 1 – BM90 – 4000m
1. 4 – DANE HUSSLER – Beat key rival here Sly Romance (level weights) when they clashed 3000m in Jan. Won well to 3600m latest easily beating Celtic Prince and now meets him better at the weights.
2. 3 – DELIBERATE – Was wide and stuck on super M’ton latest behind Sly Romance, he has 2.5kg swing here and with that, and softer run, may turn tables. They thrashed 3rd and 4th was Celtic Prince so that ties in well.
3. 5 – SLY ROMANCE – Obviously all was not well two-back, between those runs was very good 2nd MV and a strong win over key rivals here to 3400m latest.
4. 1 – JILEKS SPUR – Faded last time. Won this last year by 5L but was off stronger lead-up form…
5. 2 – CELTIC PRINCE – A trifecta hope… Next best.

Race 2 – 2YO SWP – 1200m
1. 5 – DISSOLUTE – Resumes. Led/Good second under hold in jump out. Trialled well before starting fave on debut and wasn’t far off French Fern who then won G2, Detective was second (then G2 placed), that was Soft ground and doubt he loved it.
2. 3 – URBAN RULER – Copped nasty bump early on debut yet burst through and won well sailing by last week’s winner Pyx Chamber, runner-up Stop Making Sense then won well also.
3. 2 – IF NOT NOW WHEN – Trialed well before strong debut win Bendigo in $250k feature beating key rivals here. 4th-horse Tris then won. This guy went to Cranbourne in $100k race and won again!
4. 11 – SUMMER GLEN – She was wide and ran very well in that If Not Now When race Bendigo and draws better here, has weight advantage, and upside! Can win.
5. 1 – VALLIANO – Forget the Diamond miss. Closed strongly back at 1000m latest behind If Not Now When and must have case also. 1200m suits.

Race 3 – F&M SWP – 1400m
1. 2 – SCARLET BILLOWS – Lovely return 1100m off slow speed then wasn’t far off then in G1/WFA 2nd-up. Her last 3rd-up run she was 1.3L off Chautauqua. Her last 1400m run she won stakes race Flemington easily! The weight horse given 97-rating this scale !!
2. 8 – FRENCH EMOTION – Arguably, you swap the runs with her stablemate last week and she is 5 from 5 this campaign. She was wide and ran super! Her one go 1400m was a brilliant win.
3. 1 – AFLEET ESPRIT – Went well with weight fresh after finding strife. Doubt was in A-ground 2nd-up. Tempo was no help last time in deep race. 1 for 1 at 1400m too.
4. 4 – WHISTLE BABY – Ran home well to Written 2-back and has nice weight swing. Wasn’t far off them into G3 last time.
5. 3 – WRITTEN – Top ride/win Bendigo at 1400m (that form franked last week) then blew start last time and her race was over.

Race 4 – Gold Mile – 1600m
1. 1 – RED BOMBER – Tough win 2nd-up then back/wide and wanted further in Vic Hcp. Now gets to 1600m, he is 2 from 3 at the mile and being 104-rater…. Weighted to win set-weights.
2. 2 – ZEBRINZ – Beat home Red Bomber last time and flew late Vs tempo when finished alongside him prior. He too wants 1600m now. Red Bomber has 3kg on him this scale from latest clash.
3. 4 – SABKHAT – Nice trial before solid fresh run in on-pace race Sydney run in slick time. Beat all-bar Ruling Dynasty 2nd-up last prep. In this!
4. 7 – ASHDAM – No match Entre Nous late in Wang. Cup but thrashed third and has relative weights swing here. Honest!
5. 3 -ENTRE NOUS – Going well but much harder this weight scale… Same story for 5-HOKKAIDO – but concede they are chances…

Race 5 – Gold Reef – 3YO SW – 1600m
1. 1 – TARQUIN – Returned a gelding M’ton and ran over Lahqa (then won) in record time. The mile looks a plus if anything. 86-rater so in super this set-weights scale.
2. 2 – ROYAL RUMBLE – He is best weighted runner as 91-rater. He beat older rivals at Listed grade this trip then ran on last time but was unsuited sharply back at 1250m.
3. 7 – APPROVED ANGER – Mathematically tough here as 63-rater but really liked his maiden win easily beating a talented one and that was his first go 1600m. Can measure up here for sure!
4. 10 – BENGAL CAT – Back to best last time easily beating in form Silent Sedition. She is G2 placed. Fillies keep measuring up Vs boys at 3yo level.
5. 8 – TURFONIC – Top debut win then made very good ground on Loyalty Man who has been G2 competitive. Will make a horse this guy too.

Race 6 – Gold Sprint – 1200m
1. 1 – THE QUARTERBACK – Blew start at WFA latest and stormed home in huge run! Ran over Chautauqua prior… Not many do that !! Best weighted runner here as 107-rater in another set-weights event.
2. 12 – ALMIGHTY GIRL – Just missed Heatherly two-back, that girl then placed in Oakleigh Plate beating home The Quarterback. This girl won well MV beating Secret Agenda and Super Cash and they both ran great races in Group company in The Championships.
3. 13 – JALAN JALAN – Chased good filly in fast time fresh and did look in need of run. Since trialled well. Can measure up here…
4. 10 – TYCOON TARA – Was poorly weighted fresh and ran well, she now has nice weight swing on Miss Promiscuity. Has been Group competitive herself.
5. 9 – MISS PROMISCUITY – Controlled race and beat good one in Sabatini here last time. Terrific closing splits to Malaguerra prior in hot form race.

Race 7 – Gold Heath – 2000m
1. 1 – BONDEIGER – Had pattern against fresh then made very good ground on Velox M’ton to 2000m. Was good .5L 3rd this track/trip last year 3rd-up after bad start. Clear highest rated at 93 in yet another set-weights event.
2. 5 – ADIRONDACK – Led/Gave all to High Church latest and beat Pemberley before that, at 2100m. Back in trip here but has 7.5kg swing on Winter Palace who probably should have won that High Church race.
3. 4 – WORD OF MOUTH – Did make ground on Zahspeed MV and wasn’t far off runner-up. Winner then won well again. Ok dry but any rain a bonus.
4. 14 – RONG DOOR REGGIE – The 3yo with upside. Sound in track record race won by Tarquin (ran earlier) with Lahqa (then won) 2nd.
5. 9 – WINTER PALACE – Should have won last time but it is harder for him this weight scale… Has case still.

Race 8 – Listed Vase – 1400m
1. 8 – PRECIOUS GEM – Terrific return from her in Hareeba Stks and she is always a better 2nd-up mare! She split Amicus and May’s Dream 2nd-up last prep in a G2. She has won twice 2nd-up. Value/Overs.
2. 4 – DAN ZEPHYR – Touch unlucky and also super in that Hareeba. Also much better suited 1400m. Was flying at this trip prior running fast times. Go well.
3. 1 – CHARMED HARMONY – Led until the line in Vic Hcp beating all-bar a serious G1 horse. Flies here at 1400m. Has speed to offset gate. Big weight here. Has to go in!
4. 5 – JIMANDO – Covered ground in that Vic Hcp and ran well. Has 2.5kg on Charmed Harmony and might be ready 4th-up…
5. 9 – CHOOSE – Has a good case back at 1400m.
6. 14 – INSPECTOR – Wide in Hareeba and good… Has case also and best blowout hope?

Race 9 – BM78 – 1100m
1. 15 – NIMINIPIMINY – Resumes. Went to new level last prep. She has fresh form and did like her jump out! Value hope in tough finish.
2. 11 – RUETTIGER – Resumes. Top win fresh last prep running over the talented We’ve Got This off similar break. Is building top dry record.
3. 8 – SUNDAY ESCAPE – Wilted late fresh but since freshened. Beat Churchill Dancer prior and that is now G2/G1 form. If right, hard to catch.
4. 14 – SHADES OF BELLA – Resumes. Just missed Pretty Possum fresh last prep. Good fresh mare. In this.
5. 16 – ANDRASSY – A hope fresh too but bit scared 1100m a touch sharp…??
6. 1 – GENERAL JACKSON – Back a few levels but 63.5kg is an ask…


Race 1 – C3 – 1200m
1. 1 – STRANGERINPARADISE – Suited back to 1200m and back to C3 here. She was flying prior to last start miss and running times. Bowman replaces Blake McDougall. $15??
2. 8 – ONEMOREGYPSY – Ran well in good race Canberra when 7-weekks off then Wasn’t so strong at 1300m last time. Better suited here.
3. 13 – CRICLE GAME – Resumes. Looked good winning maiden start two then wasn’t disgraced behind Alaskan Rose who’s since run well in Group class. Big watch!
4. 6 – MURRANJI – Top return at 1000m. Drops in weight and up to 1200m here. Good record dry last prep.
5. 12 – DYLAN’S DYNASTY – Ran time fresh in BM55 class and has more upside than a few here…

Race 2 – BM83 sprint – 1200m
1. 4 – AMMIRATA – Resumes. Two very good trials. Won latest under a hold. Big win with big weight fresh last prep in BM72 grade. Top pick.
2. 3 – SANTA ANA LANE – Unfit but too good fresh. Got lost 2nd-up but nice late. Quickly put race away last week but Handiest kicked-in and was too strong, this guy thrashed third. Back to 1200m only query.
3. 7 – LUCKY CAN BE – Held-up and charged through line back on inside in Birthday Card. Close-up in strong race prior too. Back a notch here. In this.
4. 1 – MOHAVE – Resumes. Trialled well. Just no match late R’hilll fresh last prep and spelled. Placed to smart Dublin Lass fresh prior. Has 61kg but ist 55kg limit.
5. 6 – RYKER – Resumes. First trial was good. Second was average. Beat all-bar Happy Clapper fresh last prep though !!

Race 3 – Frank Packer Plate – 3YO – 2000m
1. 9 – ASINARA – Had backing in G1 last time and went way back then made up nice ground. That was her first go 2000m. Drawn better today and fancy they sit closer. Looks some overs early doors?
2. 1 – OLD NORTH – Did impress in Tulloch Stks that same day, did run quicker time than fillies but their 1st-1400m split was some 10-11L quicker so, that had too! That win was his first go 2000m also. J-mac rides this, not Asinara.
3. 3 – HE’S OUR ROKKII – Overcame huge betting drift and a wide run (fence was off) to win Carbine Club. First go 2000m here and unknown. Any jar out of track a plus.
4. 11 – ZASORCERESS – Gave huge sight in Oaks lead-up and dodged feature at 2400m for this, 2000m. Maiden but on the radar.
5. 2 – TORGERSEN – Copped strife in Derby. Charged late behind Old North prior so must have a case off that…

Race 4 – J Carr Stks – 3YOF – 1400m
1. 5 – DENMAGIC – Gap between runs and probably should have won two-back then way back and held-up last time, she did find the line. 1400m suits now. Silly odds again?
2. 1 – PEARLS – Chased Tempt Me Not hard here in that PJ Bell and did have a gap on third. Was 2L off Ghisoni and Single Gaze at 1400m three-back. Goes close!
3. 6 – DENPURR – Made some ground fresh then battled a bit on wet last time. Her 1400m form through last prep is strong for this… Hits back?
4. 7 – TREMEZZINA – Backed but bloused late WFM latest with 58kg. They ran time. Her form ties in easily with key rivals here from Reginald Allen last prep.
5. 4 – LADY SNIPER – Top win 2nd-up Gosford Guineas. Just even last time but did overrace early… Can she settle??

Race 5 – G1 Champagne Stks – 2YO – 1600m
1. 9 – YANKEE ROSE – Excellent in Slipper then to 1400m and mile too good (gap to 3rd too) in Sires. Should eat 1600m. Clear top pick but reports of lameness after work Wednesday is a worry !?!?
2. 7 – OBSCURA – Made good ground after getting mile back last time and ran Prized Icon to 1L… He then won and has placed to Telperion (clear 2nd in Sires to Yankee Rose). Hmmm…
3. 1 – PRIZED ICON – Yep, placed to Telperion (and Capitalist) early. Stepped to mile latest and was way too good! Proven trip then!
4. 4 – EL SICARIO – Wary of all these Kiwi’s now! Drew bad in NZ Sires and beat all-bar Luna Rossa in G1 there…
5. 10 – FARAWAY TOWN – With luck she finishes a bit closer to Yankee Rose last time so has a case if that girl isn’t 100%… Mile should suit.

Race 6 – Hall Mark Stks – 1200m
1. 2 – FAST N ROCKING – Not as dynamic on Soft last time. Very good in G1 WFA William Reid prior and perfectly suited these ‘’second level’’ sprint races at SWP level.
2. 3 – TARGET IN SIGHT – Gave Malaguerra weight, and a scare fresh-up. Has won twice 2nd-up and does like Randwick. Go well.
3. 11 – MUSIC MAGNATE – Resumes. Excellent trials. Second to Fell Swoop fresh last prep in fast time reads well now. Before that he ran second to Peeping! She just beat Azkadellia in a G1.
4. 8 – ARTLEE – Resumes. Two terrific trials himself. Flew at the wire and beaten .7L when 3rd fresh last prep here to Dothraki at 1100m… The 1200m suit better.
5. 7 – THAT’S A GOOD IDEA – Resumes. Last two rest runs are 1L 3rd Terravista and a win over Target In Sight in sizzling time. 1200m fresh??
6. 4 – BACHMAN – Ready to win but wants further now???

Race 7 – G1 All Aged Stks – WFA – 1400m
1. 1 – KERMADEC – If right, he is the class here and the proper G1 horse. Clear second best behind Winx (Press Statement was 3rd) then had issues in Doncaster when a bad last.
2. 6 – PRESS STATEMENT – Measured up well in George Ryder when 2L off Kermadec and month off back to 1400m looks ideal here. Go well.
3. 4 – MALAGUERRA – Two impressive wins this prep. Two impressive wins at 1400m last prep, in one of those, he beat subsequent G1 winner Good Project. WFA is a new test but fancy he runs well.
4. 7 – ENGLISH – Outstanding trial and fresh win. Was looking for further 2nd-up (ran great splits) then ran home hard in TJ Smith but Chautauqua was too strong. She acts like she wants 1400m now. Goes in for sure.
5. 2 – BLACK HEART BART – Great chase/win with weight in Vic Hcp and beat Chautauqua prior (in Hcp)… 1400m is his go !!

Race 8 – JRA Plate – 2000m
1. 3 – GUARDINI – Out-toughed by Leebaz but ran well 2nd-up to 2000m (second Oz start) and wasn’t far off The United States fresh prior. Peaks now. Draws wide so?? Can win with luck and worth a go $8+???
2. 4 – HAVANA COOLER – Big win fresh at 1500m from way back. Was not as dynamic 2nd-up last prep but did have excuses. Is suited 2000m in a race with plenty of holes in it.
3. 17 – MAURUS – Has Libran form and clear winning hope if they sneak in?
4. 11 – SADLERS LAKE – Sound return then some excuses latest. Wasn’t far off Stratum Star and Awesome Rock at 2000m last prep. D-Day looms !!
5. 2 – MESSENE – Genuine efforts his last two at 2000m and will be on-speed. No recent wins though.
6. 7 – HAWKSPUR – Not the horse he was can pulled out good fresh run in that Havana Cooler race and still capable this level.

Race 9 – Hcp – 1400m
1. 13 – NANCY – Wide VS pattern and good fresh then touch stiff in Newmarket race. Like her at 1400m and she maps nicely here.
2. 9 – SNIPPETS LAND – Wide too soon and good effort in that Doncaster Prelude for mine. Back to 1400m here and drawn out… gets to silly odds? Can win I feel.
3. 11 – PAJARO – Resumes. Solid trial. Made ground 2.8L 7th to That’s A Good Idea in fast time fresh last prep at 1100m. This trip suits better fresh-up.
4. 5 – MEDCAUT – Off 10-week break now. Split Bull Point and Libran last time on Soft. Drier the better for him and to 1400m non-issue.
5. 12 – RELIGIFY – Finally out to 1400m range his last two and he has been super, latest he was nutted by gifted one and had big weight.

Good luck !



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Racing was at FLEMINGTON on Saturday on GOOD track with rail TRUE. Most avoided being hard on that inside rail as the day wore on. Straight races? First two were won nearer inside, the final straight race they were well off that inside rail. 

With 33% of the vote PALENTINO tipped out MALAGUERA by 1% on the twitter poll. 

The G1 Guineas win by PALENTINO was tough! He had to work for clear air then surged late with a horse with a strong finish in TARZINO breathing down his neck, he just kept kicking! Justice was done! His `12.13 last 200m was 3/100ths quicker than TARZINO who lost no admirers given he came from back and wide and had no real cart into the race yet just missed. RISQUE sat just off the solid clip (48.67 1st-800m) and joined in but was lest a sitting shot for two high-class males, she ran super and again the fillies measured up well against our 3yo males at the top level. RIVER WILD weaved through and closed into 4th but the trifecta were wide-out, well off that inside section. Another filly JAMEKA was terrific also, forced wide (best ground) 700m out she was just no match that last 100m. VANBRUGH measure dup, he hit the line 12.22 which was 3rd-fastest and kiwi sensation XTRAVAGANT, well, he led, was attacked early when TIVACI took off then did kick but stayed on that inside section… And was swamped, like everything on the rail later in the day. Overall time was 1-35.28.

The mighty MALAGUERRA made a top return winning at 1000m given he is not really a 1000m horse! He was niggled at a way out then found his gears, charged through and won easily in the end. He broke 57-secs for the 1000m (56.97) and looks a G1 horse. His last three 200m splits were: 10.56/ 10.74 then 11.41. GRANE ran home well into second beating THERMAL CURRENT narrowly for that prize. MISS PROMISCUITY ran home well fresh also, she was 11.678 home Vs Thermal Current’s 11.69. Thought BEAU RADA went super here for easier, closer to that inside he ran 11.63 home, a plist petered only by the smart winner. 

The blinkers did the trick for WAWAIL and she had the sweet run just off the solid 48.02 1st-800m speed, her rider deliberately steering away from the inside rail, she ran 1-22.32 which was the fastest of the three x 1400m races on the day. WHISTLE BABY gave her a scare but was no match late and CHOOSE who had sat up second did well to hold third although it was a race of little change. JESSY BELLE sat just off the winner, she kept closing but never looked like reeling her in. ABOHAR is ready to win if she gets a wet track! MOSSBEAT (quickest last 200m) is a tease. MY SISTER LIL looks a good thing back a notch!

Race 5 saw RED BOMBER dig deepest late and win in 1-22.74. BURNING FRONT led in 48.85 1st-800m (would have been 4L off Choose and Co. with 600m to run) so certainly had his chance but was only grabbed late. PUCCINI kept coming in a much better effort and ZEBRINZ was clearly the pick of the closures rushing home race-fastest 11.37, his split 400-to-200m was a slick 10.55, he just needed a touch more speed on and is ready to win but there will be no $16 around next time I’d say. GENERAL GROOVE was good without much luck (home 11.38) near inside too! LEEBAZ held on OK. BIB MEMORY hit the line late in 11.40…. These first eight home were separated by only 1.5L !!

2YO Fillies in Race 2 was busy finish also… Spread inside to out there was 1.5L over the first six. SELENIA collared ALTER CALL on the inside but the latter fought hard and they narrowly beat CREATIVITY (first home outside) from EMPHATICALLY who closed late. THYME FOR ROSES was up with Creativity and game. DERRYN made a nice debut working home on heels of those outside. They ran 57.61 for 1000m.

ESTAMINET (slow recovery), GENERAL GROOVE (little room/ back to inside/ good), MIGHTY LIKE (blew start), HEADWATER (poor recovery), LUMOSTY (had slow recovery rate also), TAWTEEN (vetted with same issue!), XTRAVAGANT (goes in for mine), TIVACI (took charge mid race), SNOOPY (3-wide no cover), PERFECT REFLECTION (distressed/ issues), ABIDEWITHME (internal bleed), NAUTICAL (back/wide), SPREADEAGLED (went inside rail),  NEVIS (issues) and HIMALAYA DREAM (also pulled up with issues). 

In SYDNEY it was RANDWICK on GOOD track with rail TRUE. The pattern suited those away from the inside rail.

There was a boilover in the G1 with LE ROMAIN sitting off speed wide with trail (good spot today) and joining in strongly, like the way he quickened given the hot early speed (45.93 1st-800m is low flying) and he stopped the clock 1-33.83 which is just .7 secs off the track record ! PRESS STATEMENT raced tight and was held-up key stage, had to love how he quickened into the gap when it came and you thought, oh well, he will just reel in LE ROMAIN…. Winner would not stop! GOLD AMBITION was next to him top of straight and kept closing into 3rd with filly SYAT WITH ME getting the run away from the rail and battling well, she was simply no match for them late is all. MONTAIGNE should have finished closer, he had his momentum halted vital stage then hit line 12.30 (same as Stay With Me)… Only one horse broke 12-secs his last 200m… Press Statement ran an 11.98. Trust this form!

The other G1 was a bit of a yawn race with HOLLER leading in 29.94 1st-500m and was joined by Our Boy Malachi but he shook him off and kept running recording 22.8/ 11.74, putting that into race perspective, big finishers like FIRST SEAL and KERMADEC could only manage 11.76 final splits! Nice return from HAPPY CLAPPER here at WFA, he ran race-fastest 11.70 home and like the way he went over the line. CRITERION did little! They ran 1-15.4 for 1300m.

ENGLISH probably nudged out HEAVENS ABOVE for Run Of The Day in my humble… What a stunning return from this filly who had been trailing brilliantly, she was slow into stride and last then made ground but had nowhere to go, she ended up cutting back to near inside rail where nothing won all day and beat KINGLIKE who was also fresh-up, and terrific, off the back os his excellent trial. Winner recorded an amazing 32.88 last 600m, horses don’t go much quicker! BOSS LANE was back with her, he came wide (best ground/ clear air) and ran 32.90 his last 600m. SHIRAZ went nicely here also. FELINES was best on-pacer and she is super genuine! Slick early (33.97 1st-600m) and slick overall time 56.57.

Better mention HEAVENS ABOVE who was asked to sustain a long, wide run no trail in yet kept surging and ran over in-form ALL CERISE who had soft lead 48.5 1st-800m…They had a gap on 3rd.

2YO races:

If you are a fan of the fillies into the Slipper I have bad news for you: FRENCH FERN sat 3-wide and won and the win itself had merit, however, lining this up again the boys in the Todman, well, there is no comparison…. Fillies here 35.18 1st-600m and ran 1-10.64 overall, the boys were 35.09 early (so similar early race split) but ran 1-9.57 and winner KISS AND MAKE UP ran home 34.48 which was around 5L faster than winning filly French Fern! Wow !!

HONESTY PREVAILS (went inside rail/ slow recovery), CAPITALIST (mildly lame/ stable say not!), BEYOND THANKFUL (too keen), SWEET FIRE (should have finished closer), STRINDBERG (went inside), KINGS TROOP (injured), TULSA (went inside), MACKINTOSH (wide on-speed), RULE THE RIVER (worst ground), CRADLE ME (may well have won?), SOMETHING SECRET (went inside).
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday on GOOD track with the Rail True. There was no mad pattern/ bias evident, some winners sat wide, the winners of races one, three, six were all nearer the inside rail. 

Run Of The Day:
With 42% of the vote, you went with BOW CREEK. The win was exceptional !! He blew the start then sat just off midfield then needed luck straightening, once he saw daylight, he exploded and was the very definition of ‘’won going away’’…. Watch him through the line, he is about 5L in front of them all past the post!

He ran 1-48.65 for the 1800m despite a moderate 49.54 1st-800m split and easily beat FENWAY (the other hard luck story from the Orr Stks) who was solid, and only 2nd-up herself, MOURINHO led (at said moderate tempo) and left the rail, he held third from AWESOME ROCK who ran super given he did a power of early work, the two behind these clearly made the Forgive File (see below) in OUR IVANHOWE and RISING ROMANCE, the latter ran 11.72 last 200m which was bettered only by the winner’s electric 11.45. Thought ALMOONQITH hit line nicely too (5th-fastest home). 

The Blue Diamond Stks was Race 7 and we saw two outstanding individual performances. EXTREME CHOICE sat just off a hot (34.06 1st-600m) speed, 4-wide no cover yet cruised to the lead and ran a sizzling 1-8.95, before we go on, let’s line that up with the mighty SEPOY from 2011, Sepoy shared the speed in his Diamond and they went 34.25 1st-600m so no walking was happening, he cleared out by 4.2L and ran 1-8.55, of course, he went on to win The Slipper. Back to this, winner was the only on-speed survivor and beat the third horse 6L. The runner-up was FLYING ARTIE who went back and was forced right off the track turning before balancing up and running home hard, he thrashed everything else, a very interesting stat here was the last 200m split, EXTREME CHOICE was 11.83 (remember, 4-wide up on fast speed) and FLYING ARTIE 11.84 (rushing home), so, yep, 1/100ths of a second quicker late, the winner…. An outstanding win/ 2yo !!! Of the others: ZAMZAM with blinkers on ran home well (home 12.10) into 3rd (first filly home) and POWER TRIP was back near the runner-up and ran home quite well without threat (12.19). STAR TURN and SWEET SHERRY were both very wide, and ran well also.

To Race 8 and the Oakleigh Plate and another excellent win, FLAMBERGE had 58kg and had to give them all weight, he sat very deep just off the hot speed (28.33 1st-500m) and surged top lead late holding off FELL SWOOP who did look a bit stiff given he had to change course behind the winner 200m out, still, take nothing away from the winner for the reasons outlined. The query on HEATHERLY was, well, could she led in 28.3 1st-500m and hold them off, the answer was NO, however, she ran a fantastic race but that next level of pressure got her very late (she led 28.8 when stressing them in G3 recently here). PITTSBURGH FLYER (ran on well/ nice return), RELDAS (home 4th-fastest last 200m/ 2nd-fastest last 400m I noted), THE QUARTERBACK (lost touch early/ hit line hard in race-fastest 22.47/ 11.53) and DOTHRAKI (wide/ kept coming) all went well. They ran a slick 1-2.52 for the 1100m. 

Speaking of slick, the other G1 was the Futurity Stks and did they scorch the turf early, HUCKLEBUCK led (out of control it seemed) in 46.66 1st-800m, to put that into perspective on the day, he would have been leading the high-class mares race (R9) a bit over 13L with 600m to run, he faded, but forgive! Winner TURN ME LOOSE was able to take a sit and add a new string to his bow, he settled well behind the frantic tempo and took over straightening, he was a sitting shot for the swoopers but kept running strongly to the wire and recorded 1-22.21 for the 1400m. STRATUM STAR followed him, loomed a bit, but was no match. SUAVITO had nice soft run inside winner and kept closing in strongly, REBEL DANE ran well here coming wide (no trail) before the bend, his 12.08 last 200m was bettered only by SUAVITO (12.04) and THE UNITED STATES (11.96) with the latter really finding the line after being tailed off early. Nice return him! TRUST IN A GUST went super here also, he ran a 10.67 1000-to-800m and was up on that 46.6 1st-800m, he held on well.

The Mare race was taken out by AZKADELLIA and it was all honours to her! Back and 3-wide with cover at times only she balanced up and ran over them all despite a modest 48.86 1st-800m and ran 1-23.22 overall. Her closing splits were brilliant, 22.56 and 11.39 shows her freakish closing speed and she beat a good one in TUSCAN SLING who ran the 1400m out strongly, and, gave the winner 3kg! MISS ROSE DE LAGO led, left the rail and was only nutted late with MY SISTER LIL running a good close-up 4th at $71 and added spice to the First-4 for those who follow our ‘sectional stars’. FELICIENNE was good late here for easier, she ran 11.46 home bettered only by winner. 

Better mention ZEDITAVE Stks (R2) given it looked a great race on paper. It was a 4-way go on the wire with SANTA ANA LANE getting the job done fresh despite a huge betting drift (certainly has improvement in him!) and beating BROCKHOFF who did charge late (race-fastest 11.6 home), BASSETT sat up handy on 35.01 1st-600m and was bloused late and ODYSSEY MOON sat just off the pace 3-wide no cover and ave his all. Of the others, PURITAN ran home 22.64 (fastest) and 11.69 (2nd-fastest) and looks in need of 1400m now? MOGADOR disappointed. They ran 1-9.53 

Fillies in Race 3 saw CATCH A FIRE dominant, she sat up on 48.77 1st-800m and cleared out. Outside of her, well, there was 1 Length between second and ninth fillies!! Wow. MOSSIN AROUND was 2nd and sound with every hope, PASADENA GIRL kept closing in a solid return, CANA led the winner, she was 4th and ALASKAN ROSE got lost early yet ran home 11.31 her last 200m, it was the fastest last 200m of the day. They ran 1-23.56 so time was comparable with the class older mares in R9, albeit, off a slightly quicker early split. 

KOROIBETE (blew the start), BONFIRE (wide/ worked), POPOVICH (slow recovery), LET HER RIP (didn’t get the room! went well for mine), EGYPT (never got a crack at them!), PATCH ADAMS (lame), CELTIC TIGER (3-wide no cover), EXTAR CHOICE (amiss), CHARLEVOIX (good/ follow), OUR IVANHOWE (shuffle back then held-up key stage), RISING ROMANCE (blocked until 70m mark!!), FAWNER (back and wide), LIDARI (wide on-speed), TRUST IN A GUST (reasons outlined), SCISSOR KICK (had to be amiss?), MISS NYMERIA (lame), SAMARA DANCER (poor recovery), GRIANTE (nearly fell), ATMOSPHERICAL (slow recovery), WAWAIL (squeezed out late but jury out a little), and SAMARTESTED (slow out but jury out a lot !).

In Sydney it was RANDWICK and the track was GOOD, the rail was 6m, and the bias was to those on-speed near the inside rail, they ran fast times!

WINX was the star of the show again, she won the G1 Chipping Norton brilliantly and did it against the bias on the day, she just cruises into her races and was a mile too good running 1-33.92 for 1600m which broke the race record which has stood for 35 years. Runner-up DIBAYANI was terrific again, he fought when headed and has come back super. HAURAKI was slow out then got onto the back of Winx, he kept closing. PREFERMENT certainly did enough, he kept finding the line nearer the inside (faster) lanes. 

The 2yo races were interesting:

Boys: Won by GOOD STANDING (had good run) beating LIONHEARTED (co-led / beat 3rd clearly) and SOUCHEZ (also up on speed) and they ran 1-9.09 off 34.73 1st-600m, so, they were slower early than the girls yet ran around 3L faster overall.. Hmmm

Girls: SCARLET RAIN led in 34.69 1st-600m and recorded 1-9.52 holding off IN THE VANGUARD who took sit and kept trying, she beat 3rd clearly herself, that third filly was TALE OF CHOICE who also sat handy… At first look, I’m querying this race as a Slipper guide, big time!

Race 5 was won by GHISONI and she looks the real deal, led in 47.07 and ran a slick 1-21.35 1st-up at 1400m off a set-back. SINGLE GAZE sat second and tried hard but was outclassed. STAY WITH ME kept closing from wide with cover and she hit line sweetly with pattern against her, she settled better today too. Liked the return of HONESTA here in race of little change.

Race 6 was also over 1400m for older mares, this was won by SOLICIT and she took the course record with her, she broke 46-secs 1st-800m and kept running stopping clock at 1-20.34, the old record was 1-21.03 so she smashed it! ZANBAGH ran on hard from back/wide Vs bias in a top return and PEEPING kept closing with weight scale. ADORABEEL was good for easier, like the way SLIGHTLY SWEET hit the wire here too, very good her!

Liverpool Cup was Race 8 and another track record went, CHARLIE BOY sat behind speed, got the inside run and ran 1-15.08 (old record was 1-15.43). How huge was ROCK STURDY here, way back and held-up then charged home down middle where nothing won all day! Excellent return. GOOD PROJECT made a good return himself from off midfield and just missed the quinella. 

MR STEAL (given no hope), SPRINGBOK FLYER (too much pressure), TELPERION (beaten by bias?), MILITARY MACHINE (wide), PALOMINO (well back and held-up!), SUGAR PARMA (wide), SMART AMELIA (lame), AMICUS (worked early), MAGIC HURRICANE (worked early), MONGOLIAN KHAN (respiratory issue), GENERALIFE (no luck !), BIG MONEY (near fell), FAMOUS SEAMUS (wide), SILVERBALL (bled), UNEQUIVOCAL (good Vs bias), EL SASSO (too wide), MADDHAL (badly hampered also). 
- Gator

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Racing was at FLEMINGTON on Saturday on GOOD track with rail back TRUE. There was no mad pattern/bias on circle races, however, the straight races were dominated by those who came to the outside rail/ division.

Your votes are through and 46% of you went with CHAUTAUQUA as the Run Of The Day. That finishing speed is just outstanding, it is reserved for only world-class racehorses and is just awesome to watch! He looked in serious trouble 200m or so from home then just went into overdrive and robbed them right on the line!

His last 200m split was a sizzling 11.26 and he recorded an overall time of 57.02, he grabbed TERRAVISTA who, not for the first time, quickened beautifully and looked the winner, he just has trouble sustaining that speed, of course, rider fumbling for the whip may not have helped, for mine though, he was at his top and peaked that last 100m (again!). JAPONISME led the outside division in 34.79 1st-600m, was collared by TERRAVISTA but surged again late and these three had 1.5L on EXOSPHERE on the line, however, he just never made it to the ‘’faster’’ race (outside), he also looked a bit lost solo up the middle, experienced and respected track walkers thought best ground was either on inside rail, or, past the middle, not UP the middle… Individual splits are interesting: TERRAVISTA 600-400-200 was 1.33/ 10.38 whilst CHAUTAUQUA was 10.3/ 10.49 – then, last 200m winner 11.26 and TERRAVISTA 11.58. Other key runner DELECTATION, well, he was run off his feet a little at the 1000m but kept responding, he ran well also.

To the two 3YO Races:

Vanity Stks (Fillies) was won by DON’T DOUBT MAMMA who sat back off the modest tempo (48.76 1st-800m) but had clear running and sailed by JAMEKA (sat 1-1/ sound return) and held off EGYPT who rushed home off her back running race-fastest 11.32 last 200m, yes, she was match-fit and had 55kg but the run was very good. PERFECT REFLECTION on the other hand never had full momentum until around 150m from home, she picked-up and hit the line (11.41) with her 58.5kg, many are potting her, not me!! SACRED EYE led and held on OK. ALASKAN ROSE is a B-grader. Time: 1-22.73

The boys in CS Hayes Stks ran 1-22.77 off a 48.67 1st-800m, the ran along early to the eye then leader’s put the brakes on. Worth noting though, there was very little difference between the two divisions in 1st-600m or 1st-800m splits, also, the differential of the splits 800m-to-400m: Fillies went 23.31 800m-to-400m whilst boys went 23.16, so, actually, a fraction QUICKER than the girls… Hmmm.

TIVACI was promoted as the winner after umpires decided PALENTINO caused enough interference 900m from home to warrant the small margin between them, umpires were obviously super-confident also they knew exactly how the race would have unfolded for that last 900m had their been no interference. No matter what your view is, TIVACI’s run was excellent, forced wide a with no cart into the race a long, long way from home, he loomed up outside of PALENTINO and was going the better 300m out but PALENTINO fought hard to be first over the line. TULSA went back last and sat just off the quinella, he was really charging but didn’t help himself by running onto their heels 150m from home, he ran 22.46/ 11.69 home Vs Palentino’s 22.59/ 11.64. LIZARD ISLAND was 1st-up whilst the others were 2nd-up and he hit line 22.62/ 11.67 in a nice return! These four had a little margin on SOVEREIGN NATION (sound 2nd-up/ others were stronger late as mentioned). Plenty of drama !!

Back to Race 2 and WEATHERLY impressed! He missed the kick again and was left exposed outside (faster division) a long way from home yet powered away and was hardly punished late, he ran 1-3.87 off an even 30.29 1st-500m split and beat debutante CONSCIOUS who was very new early in the race, she was back with the winner and rushed home (also on faster outside section) running 11.69 last 200m Vs WEATHERLY’s 11.62. Of the others: JACKSON sat back on slower inside race and ran home well, he won that side, and was third overall, BATTLE ORDER wasn’t far off him that side in fourth after having nice midfield run with cover and both CALL ME TESS and the reported second coming of Black Caviar, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, was quite good given shared speed inside well off that inside rail. 

ESTAMINET measured up well in Race 3, she was dominant and ran only .38 seconds off Chatuaqua’s time (57.4) for the 1000m (had 54kg). The 1st-600m split was 34.9 so only marginally slower than that of the G1 Lightning and not this race, they all came towards the inside lanes… She was backed as if unbeatable also. SCRATCHY LASS ran home well and is still on the up. AFLEET ESPRIT had the big weight, had a chequered run, but went over line nicely for 3rd in  pleasing return, despite, huge betting drift. She was 1/100ths second quicker home than ESTAMINET for the record. 

Race 9 was won by WE’VE GOT THIS and his rider made a split second decision early, ‘’let’s go to the outside’’ and it was a very smart call. The first four home here were all on that faster outside section, winner gave them a start and rushed by them recording 1-9.64 for 1200m off 35.89 1st-600m, his last 200m was a neat 11.56 and clearly race-fastest. ROUGH JUSTICE was back to his honest best out there, SWEET AS BRO made a pleasing return off long break and might be back! YESTERDAY’S SONS was with first and third 300m out but no match for them to the line. ONEROUS won the inside race and doubt lost any friends (drew gate 1) and JIMANDO made a solid return off his long break with 60kg. TANSY broke 12-secs his last 200m and can win an easier race for us soon.

PINDAN PEARL (back/wide/ slow pace), PIN YOUR HOPES (should have finished closer/ shuffled back key stage), TUFF HOST (mucous detected), PERFECT REFLECTION (no luck key stage), BON AURUM (3-wide no cover but winner was wider), RIVER WILD (blew start/ ran well), READY FOR VICTORY (keen/ took off mid race), EXOSPHERE (a tactical disaster !!), ONEROUS (wrong wide), ZEBRINE (closest inside).

In SYDNEY racing was at ROSEHILL on GOOD track. The rail was 3m and the track played well, most avoided being hard on the inside rail however, the winner of race 9 was pretty close to it !!

Had to be PRESS STATEMENT here, he was classes above them in Hobartville Stks and ran some exceptional closing splits relative to the day, just love how strong he was through the wire also !

He won in 1-22.56 for the 1400m and recorded an 11.26 last 200m, then 5.687 last 100m, both were the fastest of any winner all day! LE ROMAIN followed him everywhere and ran on into second but was in a different class. MONTAIGNE went back, had good run through and was strong to the wire, in fact, his 11.24 last 200m was one of the day’s fastest final splits and 2/100ths quicker than PRESS STATEMENT. SPILL THE BEANS led in 48.78 1st-800m and held 4th from WOLF CRY (sat 2nd) and DEL CIELO (battled well) but they all seem A- and B+ 3yos compared to PRESS STATEMENT who is A+ !! I mean, he did toy with Melb 3yo’s in Guineas remember….

What a return and great to see FIRST SEAL join in and win R5, she ran 1-16.4 for the 1300m and was too classy despite, perhaps, he run ending late, she scooted home in near 33-flat her last 600m then went 22.08/ 11.34 beating TELEPATHIC (home 11.36) who was strong over the line, lovely return from her also, I’VE GOT THE LOOKS was close-up 3rd and very solid out to 1300m here. CATKINS, well, she was left by the winner 300m out then became crowded-up… Fair to say, jury is out a little on this mighty mare.

ARAB DAWN impressed in Race 8, yes it turned out a swoopers race but from co-last on rail he weaved through and was strong beating ALLERIC who raced tight at the vital stage, he is flying still. HASSELHOOF held third and he was clearly the best of those nearer the speed, he ran well. LIBRAN was back with the winner but also found some strife and perhaps should have finished touch closer. LOOPHOLE ran on well also. ALLERGIC ran 11.52 home, LIBRAN 11.58 and they were two quickest last 200m splits. Time: 1-56.3 for 1900m.

The two 2yo races:

STRINDBERG won Race 1 and ran 1-3.53 for 1100m off 29.65 1st-500m, the time was almost identical to that of seasoned older sprinters (Coolring/ Brook Road) in R9 and he nailed REDZEL (who led at that good clip).

ASTERN won R4 and ran 1-4.13 for 1100m however, he led in a much more controlled 30.51 1st-500m, so, if races were run together, Redzel would have been leading Astern .86 seconds (roughly 4L)….so, of course they were going to run slower time overall. DEFCON sat wide no cover and loomed, he was super, as was MOUNT PANORAMA who missed kick then tacked on and loomed to win himself, just peaked late… all three were excellent for mine.

CAN BE BOSSY (injured), TIMELESS PRINCE (got lost), MOUNT PANORAMA (slow out no help!), MAN OF CHOICE (wide no cover), BOLD CIRCLE (little luck key stage), CAFE SOCIETY (no run key stage), ONEMOREZETA (wide) and ESGRIMIDOR (no peace!).
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday on GOOD track with Rail True. There was no mad pattern/bias although most avoided the inside rail late in the day.

Run Of The Day:
With 46% of the vote you landed on HEATHERLY ahead of FLYING ARTIE (25%), and, it is hard to argue given she smashed a hit-class field in the Rubitobn Stks by 5.5L running a sizzling 1-2-21 doing it.

HEATHERLY led in 28.81 1st-500m and straighten-up bolting, then raced away… POLITENESS was back and in traffic just as Heatherly was racing away, once clear, she powered to the line in a terrific return (11.53 last 200m). Outside of these two, well, there was just .7L between third, JUST A BULLET (tracked leader/ no match at al but sound) and sixth, ECLAIR CHOICE (battled well/ was held late and fitter for this), between those was LAKE GENEVA (off midfield/ saved ground and fancy her run ended late too/ fitter) and KURO (midfield rail/ battled well to line). THE MONSTAR got lost today but did run home 11.55 last 200m.

The G1 Feature was the ORR Stks and SUAVITO returned a winner, she had the sweet run but was good enough to rap leader TURN ME LOOSE 70m out and hold off the unlucky LUCKY HUSSLER. Said runner-up Lucky Hussler only needed to be clear a few strides earlier to take the race to my eye. HUCKLEBUCK found cover off-midfield from the horror gate, hooked out and ran home well, his last 200m split was bettered by six others which backs-up what his rider said post-race that this run (2nd-up off long break) tops him off. TURN ME LOOSE held fourth, his run was very good, he worked early and set-up a strong 47.41 1st-800m from the standing start and just didn’t come back under his rider, he was only grabbed 70m out as mentioned. REBEL DANE was 5th and sound but lacking that killer punch. BOBAN’s last 100m was very nice (11.63 final split – 4th-fastest), HAPPY TRAILS (11.59 – 3rd-fastest) did more than enough, RISING ROMANCE (11.51 – race-fastest) hit wire sweetly from way back and AWESOME ROCK went nicely for a non-WFA race. They ran 1-22.64 for the G1.

To the Diamond Preludes:

Fillies first and SAMARA DANCER was well-backed and won very nicely, she showed a neat turn of speed from midfield and looks a serious Diamond player. CONCEALER was every bit as good to my eye, slow out and back last she hooked out widest then rattled home 22.54/ 11.64 (last 400/200m) these were quickest closing splits from any 2YO on the day. MISS NYMERIA was first home from those out of the Fillies Preview, she sat just off the winner and eased clear then finished off well (11.72 – winner ran home 11.76), she looks likely to be strong at 1200m too. Fourth was SELENIA who sat up on the speed and held on well, she was the best of the on-pace runners and ran very well given trifecta were 9th, 13th, 11th at the 600m. CALLIOPE didn’t quicken but kept closing and SWEET SHERRY ran home well but runner-up sailed by these two remember. They ran 1-3.11 off a strong 28.68 1st-500m

The Boys division was, amazingly, run 7/100ths of a second faster (1-3.04) off a 7/100ths second faster (28.61) 1st-500m so there was precious little difference between the two divisions from that perspective, worth noting though, Fillies do have 2kg weight advantage come the Diamond! Winner here was FLYING ARTIE and the win was excellent!! He sat off the speed, very wide with no cover mostly and raced keen yet still knuckled down and ran over STAR TURN who had sat up 2nd on the strong speed, and kicked, there was 2.3L back to third, his run was very, very good also, in fact, he was clearly the best on-pacer from BOTH divisions. CHINA DREAM was third and he too covered ground, he was with the winner top of straight but no match him, yet ran a great race. REVOLVING DOOR looks a nice 2yo, he drifted way back and ran to to line nicely, he has this nice flat action on him, he ran 11.92 last 200m which was bettered only by the winner’s 11.66. POWER TRIP should have finished a bit closer here too.

The Autumn Stks saw winning machine MAHUTA do it again, now 6 from 6 since blinkers went on, he led in an even 48.82 1st-800m but was asked to accelerate a long way from home and with 59kg, just lasted. He ran 600m-to-400m-to-200m splits of 11.17/ 11.25. Many were quicker that last 200m split but he had pinched the break, doubt he wanted it 1401m though! SAILING BY the filly was off his back and charged late (home 11.74) with SNOOPY an every chance but solid (close-up) 3rd. Hard to miss the run of TARZINO charging home down the outside in race-fastest 11.63… A lovely return it was from the Derby winner. They ran 1-23.49 for the 1400m. This race Vs G1 Orr Stks, well, Mahuta was around 8L slower early than Turn Me Loose and almost 5L slower overall. 

Race 9 saw TUSCAN SLING make it 6 wins from 11 starts and 2 from 2 at 1200m, she did it sitting 3-wide no cover but was helped by A) the fence being avoided late, and, B) the modest tempo (35.72 1st-600m), she hit the lead and was strong to the wire running over CHOOSE (who led) and holding off AZKADELLIA who made a terrific return given said modest tempo, she recorded a 22.12 last 400m, it was the fastest last 400m of the day. WAWAIL sat behind them and looked to have her chance. JESSY BELLE hit the line late (11.37 last 200m) and watch MY SISTER LIL when she comes back in class (home 11.32 was day’s fastest last 200m). They ran 1-9.75. The fillies in R2 ran 1-9.63 (won by RISQUE) but note, they went 33.99 1st-600m so would have been leading this field, and Choose, some 9-10L at the halfway point of the race… Wow!

KOROIBETE (let him run!), IHTSAHYMN (wide/ took off 800m), ABBASSO (keen/ injured?), KAREEMIOG (respiratory issue?), MAKE HER OWN WHEY (wide), SAFARIANN (lame), EMPHATICALLY (blocked vital stage), SWORD OF LIGHT (wide on strong speed), KINETIC DESIGN (badly blocked), IT IS WRITTEN (wide), HUSSON EAGLE (amiss?), TRIED AND TIRED (thumps), FENWAY (never fully clear), BOW CREEK (flattened/ picked-up and hit line!), MOURINHO (kicked pre-race!), GOOD VALUE (got lost), TUDOR (didn’t run 1600m) and AMARELA (back/wide/ no guide).

In Sydney racing was at RANDWICK on GOOD track with Rail 3m. The pattern suited those away from the inside rail.

Race 1 for 2yo’s saw TELPERION well-backed off a lovely trial and ridden cold he sailed by his rivals and won going away despite running about a fair bit, there is real upside here, he ran 1-4.07 off 29.42 1st-500m and beat PRIZED ICON (sat handy/ every hope) and SPRIGHT (went back inside/ just missed second).

Race 3 was Light Fingers and PERIGNON motored her last 100m and score in 3-way go from KANGARILLA JOY (match fit/ every chance) and TEMPT ME NOT who sat up handy. Leader HARLEM RIVER set 35.61 1st-600m and held fourth beaten 1L. STAY WITH ME went back last and raced too fresh/ keen, she was 2L off winner on turn and was beaten 2.3L by her on the line. She can improve with that freshness edge off her. They ran 1-9.98, the older mares in Triscay Stks ran 1-9.64 off 35.77 1st-600m so fillies were quicker early yet slower overall. 

That Triscay Stks was won by SULTRY FEELING who sat handy and kicked in strongly to hold off PEEPING who loomed as the winner 300m out, the 5kg weight differential in favour of the winner was probably significant! SAVOUREUX really found the wire her last 100m and grabbed third, nice return! VERGERA led/ held 4th. Like date run of ADORABLE here off wide trip, she kept closing…

The Apollo Stks saw the return of WINX and it was class personified !! Sat off fast (46.91 1st-800m) speed and tracked up behind leader SOLICIT then went by her under a very light ride… Soft win! Great return. SOLICIT gave a huge sight and thrashed third, she was super given that slick early split and can win soon. HAURAKI pleased (followed winner) fresh and DIBAYANI ran very well given he was asked to make a run before the turn, wide, off the fast clip. Hmmm…. That ran 1-22.03 – that margin to 3rd was 2.8L

VIENNA WALTZ (poor recovery), EVASION (lame), DREAM FOLK (set task), MORAL VICTORY (too much pressure), VITELLO (ditto/ wants easier though), MY FAVOURITE (badly held-up until race was gone), WILD N FAMOUS (not much room straight), BRUSTAR (wide) and WAR JET (blew start badly). 
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on GOOD track with the rail out 9m. The track played quite well, although those away from the inside rail had the advantage as the day wore on. 

Run Of The Day:
The three nominations were: EXTREME CHOICE, HE OR SHE, PURITAN. With around 60% of the vote (twitter poll via @gatorgately) it was EXTREME CHOICE and wow, was his win spectacular visually then well and truly backed up by the clock !

This exciting 2yo worked early, he ran 34.67 1st-600m but recorded a sizzling 10.3 (800m-to-600m) yet raced away and won eased-up, his overall time of 57.09 was outstanding, in fact, in the last 8 years, only Crystal Lily has run a faster 1000m at 2yo, of course, she went on to win a Golden Slipper! Anyway, his time is absolute elite and the win was outstanding !

Let’s line this race up with seasoned, older, high-class sprinters over 1000m later in the day:

SHAKESPEAREAN LASS won Adams Stks in 56.91 (.18 faster than Extreme Choice) however, the leaders here recorded a 34.48 1st-600m (.21 faster early). The winner had the sweet run and had the drop on the two leaders but she was tough, especially given she had relative weights against her. Those leaders were DIAMOND OASIS and RUNSATI, the latter also had this weight scale against him and he held on well. TREVINDER was the ‘’weight horse’’ (met Runsati some 6.5kg better) and charged home but winner refused to lose. GRANE ran home in a slick 11.04 last 200m )race-fastest) from RELDAS (11.08) but the 1000m was too sharp for him. ROUGH JUSTICE was honest, note, there was just 2L over the first eight over the line here. 

The Manfred Stks (3yo) was the feature and PURITAN impressed, he came from off a modest tempo (35.84 1st-600m) and covered ground yet ran down GOLDEN SPIN (led/ every chance) and winner has plenty of upside (still learning the caper!). Third was READY FOR VICTORY who was building momentum when he raced tight, he then closed well, it was a good return. VOSTOCK was 4th (every chance/ sound) and TOP ME UP 5th (good from tail given slow tempo/ he ran 11.71 last 200m – only winner was quicker (11.68) for that closing split). SOVEREIGN NATION didn’t quicken like the winner but closed in late (home 11.78) and needs further. Plenty made the forgive file ! Overall time: 1-10.27

Back to the other 2yo race, Inglis Premier over 1200m, they went mad up front in this, a 34.4 1st-600m, so, these leaders would have been some 8L clear of Golden Spin with 600m to travel if races were run together. VALLIANO sat off the hot speed and came away to win well (first run as gelding) and beat CURVATURE who came from midfield and closed well at start two but he was no match winner. LESSYD came from the tail and rushed late, his 12.06 last 200m was race-fastest. HEY DOC kept closing too (home 12.51) and NASDEX made a good debut sitting off this mad speed and rolling back to the inside lanes. The race did not rate overly well given the hot speed, they ran 1-10.38. Converting this race to the Extreme Choice race, well, there is no comparison, Extreme Choice race was around ‘’8L better’’ !!

DAN ZEPHYR is flying and won Race 6 sitting up on a slo-o-ow 50.18 1st-800m and kicking in, he held off a good one, a G1 competitive HE OR SHE and this guy was excellent, he ran home 21.76 / 11.02 with his big weight and they were the quickest closing splits all day. GENERAL GROOVE was solid. UNDERESTIMATION loomed to win but didn’t quite finish it off today. They ran 1-24.19

TUFF HOST (slow recovery), RING DA BELLE (tardy/ held up but, yawn!), ONE INCH PUNCH (no peace), ROSE OF TEXAS (attacked lead early/ had no hope), MANDEE (ran her race before the start!), DALRADIAN (attacked hot speed/ way too keen), GRETNA (had no peace on hot pace), SEGOVIA (wide), HELL OF AN EFFORT (amiss?), FUSE (back and wide), BERISHA (pace wasn’t there), MIGHTY LIKE (tempo against/ found traffic), WELL SPRUNG (amiss?), PALENTINO (totally luckless!! Had bit to give too), TULSA (3-wide no cover), BON AURUM (no luck), PATCH ADAMS (back and wide), GOLD SYMPHONY (mucous), BOUNDARY (held-up until race was gone) and SECRET TOY BIZNESS (cut out then closed under no riding, hmmm).

In Sydney it was RANDWICK and track went from SOFT-6 to SOFT-5. The pattern was suiting those well off that inside rail.

The last three winners on the day were all impressive:

SPILL THE BEANS won Eskimo Prince sitting on 34.8 1st-600m speed and raced clear off the good trial form and ran 1-10.67 so went quicker than G1 winner AMICUS earlier in the day (improving track/ .35 faster 1st-600m) and beat LE ROMAIN (midfield/ to best ground/ closed well) and COUNTERATTACK (too close inside/ 58.5kg/ ran well !!). SHARDS ran very well here also from back and was forced very wide turning. 

HEAVENS ABOVE has been promising to win like this all prep and (finally!!) well ridden she streeted them, she raced away from ROARING TO WIN who was coming off an impressive victory and ALPHA BEAT was 3rd, he too was good given he was used up to improve before the home turn. BALMAIN BOY wasting late in 4th. Time: 1-23.78 off 47.48 1st-800m.

Race 9 and MONTAIGNE was ‘’off the map’’ and a mile too good, from off midfield he joined in strongly and blitzed them! BELLEVILLE FLYER travelled up like the winner but copped windburn! EGYPTIAN RULER was near the winner 500m out, sound but no match. CLASSIC UNIFORM and FABRIZIO were solid on-pace in a better race to swoop. Time: 1-37.5 for mile.

Back to that G1 winner AMICUS (out 35.2 – overall 1-11.0) and she defied a betting drift, she tracked the lead and got up inside the leader PRESS REPORT and nailed her. I’VE GOT THE LOOKS just missed them both, she just needed a little more speed on I fancy. QUEEN OF KARIBA was good late off that modest tempo. 

HERNE’S OAK (respiratory issues), KHALID (lame), SLOW PACE (beaten by tempo), INVIENNA (respiratory issues), CHAMPIONMET (injured), DUBLIN LASS (pulled-up coughing), WONDERFUL STORY (heart irreg.), HASSELHOOF (rider blamed ‘’shifty track’’ so???), COUNTERATTACK (good in wrong spot), TORGENSEN (worst ground), PRIDE OF DUBAI (injured !!), SELITA (spell time) and PIAMIMI (got lost!).
- Gator