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Racing was at MOONEE VALLEY on Saturday on a quickly upgraded GOOD-4 track with the rail 4m. There was a significant bias to runners on the speed, close to the inside rail so be very careful with all of this form!

Run Of The Day:
Given the aforementioned savage bias, thought there were four outstanding performances on the day: CATCH A FIRE, ALBONETTI, PRECIOUS GEM and THE UNITED STATES… Tough call but giving the major prize to the latter, THE UNITED STATES given he was the only winner all-day to come from the back and away from the inside lanes, and, he recorded a terrific last 200m split of 11.72 in that inferior ground, off a strong speed, in high-pressure race!

An excellent return win it was, he ran 1-32.47 overall and bloused the match-fit, in-form ABBASSO who was very well ridden today. LETMEDOWNGENTLY is a ripper mare, she worked early then was pressured by KENJORWOOD and had no peace, she fought back to beat him but was just no match for the quinella, look at the replay though, 50m past the line she is back in front again! What a will to win she has, bulldog!! ALMOONQITH made a pleasing Oz debut, albeit saving ground in the best part of the track, only the quinella had faster last 400/200m splits. FOUNDRY didn’t quicken like winner/ stablemate but hit the line OK, he ran 12.06 last 200m (winner 11.72 as mentioned).

Race 7 was the Carlyon Stks and the speed was on. 34.7 1st-600m set it up for those just off the strong tempo. LE BONSIR was well ridden, travelled sweetly and ran over JUST MAGICAL whom he certainly had the last crack at, it was the winner’s first ever go at 1000m and he coped really well with a fast-run 1000m, he loves The Valley! IL CAVALLO sat up on-speed and just lasted for third over KLISHINA who was good from back and wide against the bias. ECLAIR CHOICE was with the winner 500m out but didn’t quicken like him, he finished off OK but the 1000m was too sharp. FAST CASH was run off his legs but went over the line sweetly, his 11.73 last 200m was bettered only by winner (11.68) and OUR NKWAZI (11.69 – flying for easier/ wetter). Overall time: 58.34

Race 6 was a bit of a non-event, for the second week in a row the new season male 3yo’s produced an inconclusive race result. The leaders ran 1-2-3 here after leading at a walk, 37.09 1st-600m, on a leaders track. For perspective, Strykum led in race 1 (3yo/ also 1200m race) and didn’t go hard, however, he would have been leading this field 5L with 600m to travel. If you were not sitting first, second here, you were toast! Overall time was a moderate 1-11.7. WELL SPRUNG led and kept going to well for DANUKI who had sat second. ODYSSEY MOON was 3-wide and cleverly went up third given the tempo, he stuck on well. EL GRECO closed well from midfield Vs tempo/bias and ran a great race, his 11.66 last 200m was bettered only by MANHATTAN BLUES (11.63 – fastest last 200m all day) who was 100,000/1 after they’d gone 400m from way back there. Never decry winning form but caution advised here.

Better mention STRYKUM and race 1, winner gave them all weight (1kg) and led in 36.16 1st-600m with bias in favour, and kicked/won beating JUST ONE MOMENT (sat 2nd) and SEBRING SALLY (midfield inside/ kept closing) with CATCH A FIRE fourth, his run was enormous, way back Vs bias/tempo, held-up, held-up then attacked the line when clear, he ran an 11.79 last 200m (only runner to break 12-seconds this race!) and was, well, one of the runs of the day no matter how you read it. Overall time though, was slow, 1-11.91. Not sure about this form/race either!

TAWTEEN won Race 4 and by now, we knew the pattern! The win had merit though, she led and was pressured yet kicked strongly on a track she loves, they broke 34-secs 1st-600m here and ran slick overall time (1-10.15). PILLY’S WISH is a ripper here too, she closed well after saving ground (best going) and beat CATCH THAT CAT (rails trail/ solid return) and PRECIOUS GEM who sat back, came wide with no trail in yet still rushed home Vs the bias, fancy her run ended the last 100m (late splits back that up – race-fastest 24.06 last 400m, then home 12.37 last 200m, this was bettered by Pilly’s Wish in 12.28).

CATCH A FIRE (umm, yeah), SISTINE SPIRIT (bias/ wants further), GREY STREET (bias), SCHERZOSO (tardy/ too far back), HARVEYS TRUE HEART (bias), SO DOES HE (wide), ALBONETTI (super Vs bias/ don’t sack!), TRY FOUR (back/wide), STINGRAY (margin unfair), SARDAAJ (shuffled back/ held-up/ flew! Should have won???), JERSEY WHISTLER (back/wide), TANKSTER (bias), LIVING ON A PRAYER (4-wide), BOSTON LIGHT (tardy/ never got a crack!), MANHATTAN BLUES (bias/ tempo), DESTINY’S REWARD (wide), GREGERS (wide/ bias), SHE’S ELLIE (3-deep), BEACH FRONT (bias), OUR NKWAZI (bias), FAST CASH (bias), BLACKIE (back and wide), HULA LUA (give it some hope!) and CRAFTY CRUISER (came wide 61.5kg).

In SYDNEY it was RANDWICK on GOOD track with Rail 6m. There was no bias/pattern here, winners could lead or swoop if good enough, and if tempo was there.

Run Of The Day:
SASENKILE (can win a Metrop) and WINE TALES (come back well) are on the podium however, going with MUSIC MAGNATE this day. Sat midfield and wide, was able to then get some cover and charged out after fit, in-form FELL SWOOP who had the dream run, they beat 3rd clearly, MUSIC MAGNATE trialled super prior and looked like there was plenty of improvement in him. Terrific return!

Winner FELL SWOOP ran good time, 56.79 and as mentioned, is flying. GRAND CONDOR was over 2L away after having the dream run, simply no match for the quinella. WONDERBOLT kept closing OK into 4th after tracking the runner-up.

The Warwick Stks was the feature and ROYAL DESCENT had the sweet run, and won quite well, that should give her a tremendous confidence boost, she went by PORNICHET (sat 2nd/ good return also) with MESSENE and every chance 3rd. BEATEN UP sat off them in 5th and closed quite well from KERMADEC who was tardy then recovered to midfield, he ran home nicely (run ended late/ fitter !!) in a race of little change, for mine, he was as good as anything this race. ZARATONE led in a strong 46.86 1st-800m and held on for 6th. Overall time 1-21.57 is a useful gallop.

The Show County was Race 7 and again, it was a race of little change, speed was OK (34.7 1st-600m) and DECISION TIME led them, who looked likely to be swamped more than once but kept responding! BOSS LANE dived and grabbed 2nd (had chance) and VASHKA sat up 2nd, travelled well but leader would not stop! AOMEN was the best of the closers against race pattern while BEST CASE hit the line super fresh off long spell, nice work him. 

The Silver Shadow Stks was won by SPEAK FONDLY who led in 35.4 1st-600m and travelled well, kicked well, won well, she gave them all 2-3kg too. KIMBERLEY STAR came from the back and ran home well down outside, they had 2.8L on LAKE GENEVA who didn’t ping but was OK over the line, further? ITALY made some ground. Time: 1-9.47

Race 5 was run at a hot speed, 46.28 1st-800m means leaders here would’ve led Zaratone in the G2 race by 3L midway. They broke 1-22 for 1400m her also (1-21.7). FORGET came from midfield with runner-up BOLD CIRCLE and was a bit too tough/ genuine. KURTLEY settled 1-1 and joined in early, thought he ran super given it was set-up for run-ons. EL SASSO (sound on-pace) and SASENKILE (lovely late work!) were noteworthy, SPY DECODER was backed and ran very well for mine with plenty against him…. which takes us too….

CANNYESCENT (held-up key stage), INNER CIRLCE (went too hard), WINE TALES (should’ve won), IL MIO DESTINO (no peace), SPY DECODER (back/wide no cover/ still hit line!), COMPLACENT (run off track), CASINO DANCER (blocked key stage) and PLUTORIUS (luckless key stage also). 
- Gator

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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday with the rail 3m. There was no mad pattern/ bias evident, talent and tempo (and luck in running!) were the factors in the results!

Making it onto the lower spots on the podium were IGGIMACOOL (sigh!!) and YESTERDAY’S SONGS (sigh!!!) but have to go with PETITS FILOUS here, the win was outstanding! She led at a fast clip, was given little peace, yet kicked clear to win in slick time, she ticked a few boxes doing it too, this was her first win away from wet ground and her first win beyond 1000m…

…Speaking of slick times, she ran 1-3.1 for the 1100m which was around 3L quicker than quality older mare VEZALAY (however, the 1st-500m sectional was some 7L quicker) and around 8L quicker than males in Vain Stks (1st-500m split was 1.78 secs quicker, or, some 10L). Her 1st-600m split was 1-full second, near 6L quicker than even Listed race leader Sea Lord in Real Roller. All this, of course, set up the fast gallop. Runner-up JALAN JALAN was terrific zooming home after being beaten for speed a bit, her 11.53 last 200m was clearly race-fastest. No shock MISS GUNPOWDER measured up very well off her relative times in Adelaide, she did loom to win, fancy her run ended 100m or so out. DON’T DOUBT MARLEY was back with JALAN JALAN, she came wide and also ran home hard (11.62 last 200m), these four had 1.5L on the rest of the field. Of the others: TAKE PRIDE worked early and held on well for easier, and, GRISBI’S RUN hit the line late, again, for easier, she had 4th-fastest last 400/200m splits.

The Vain Stks, as mentioned, was run much, much slower than the fillies division. RAGAZZO DEL CORSA led in 30.64 (so Petits Filous would have been 10L in front of him with 600m to travel), the winner GOLD SYMPHONY sat 3-wide no cover third (only one turn here at sprint trips) and dug in well to score from TOP ME UP who was sitting 2-wide, 2nd. STAR PLANET sat off them with cover and found the line race-fastest last 400m 22.28) and ASSERTIVE STAR at $101 recorded the quickest last 200m, in 11.28, fancy he can be followed in easier, off a ‘’proper’’ tempo. This looked an even field and yep, there was 2L over true first seven on the line. Overall time was slow off that early speed, 1-4.42.

VEZALAY impressed in the other 1100m race (mares), she led in 30.01 1st-500m (Petits would have been 7L in front of her 600m out) then kicked in and rider Oliver was quite ‘’soft’’ on her, she ran some slick splits home (11.03/ 11.24) and good overall time of 1-3.65 (off that early split), she did it as a 71-rater going in, so, on data she was not well weighted, but way too good. MORE RADIANT made a top return closing hard and running an 11.13 last 200m, it was the day’s fastest last 200m split, they beat third over 3 Lengths, that third horse was I’M A FLYING STAR (closed well / home 11.21 !!) and KLISHINA was fourth (stuck on ok). SOOSA RAMA finished off quite well fresh (3rd-fastest last 400m).

The G2 Lawrence Stks was the feature and MOURINHO and THE CLEANER staged a real two-horse war, MOURINHO had the rails trail then got the split but THE CLEANER, who’d led in a moderate 49.03 1st-800m, was in for the fight. DIBAYANI took the trail and pleased 1st-up given he did not look happy around Caulfield for the first time, especially on the home turn. BIG MEMORY was tardy/ tight early and well back, he made nice ground! In fact his 22.73/ 11.57 last 400/200m splits were race-fastest. Had to like the return run of TAIYOO here at WFA too, he was back and wide then lost ground turning before hitting the line sweetly, his 11.64 last 200m was bettered only by that of BIG MEMORY. Overall time: 1-23.54 and there was just 3.2L over the first eight runners here, so…??

The Regal Roller Stks was Race 8 and SENTINUM impressed from midfield, with cover then clear air. PLATINUM ROCKER came with the (male) winner here 2nd-up and was good/ just no match, YESTERDAY’S SONGS looked a good thing beaten, he just couldn’t get to the outside!! He was forced back in then in traffic, then started to charge again when saw daylight, but was hampered again! Stiff as !! LATE CHARGE came wide and was bumping with YESTERDAY’S SONGS which was no help, he was bumped again late near the wire when ‘’coming’’. Underrated horse. FAST N ROCKING hit the wire nicely with his 60kg nearer the inside, nice return. STRATUM STAR went way back from the gate and made very good ground late, he and YESTERDAY’S SONGS shared the quickest closing split honours, both ran an 11.42 last 200m. The early split here was 35.3 1st-600m and overall time 1-9.68

DIAMETRIC (pulled stupidly/ cost himself!!), GINGERBOY (held-up key stage), CARAVAN ROLLS ON (lame), IGGIMACOOL (sin!!), LAKE SENTENTIA (lame), SINO EAGLE (1600m tests), STYLISH MISS (led too keen), GODSPIEL (lame), PENINSULA LANE (found strife), DEMONSTRATE (badly held-up), STOKER (wide/ keen), RAGAZZO DEL CORSA (sore), GIULIETTA (rider: concerned with action), THURLOW (very wide), SMOKIN JOEY (internal bleed), BARBED (hung/ as he did at MV one day/ thinking he is a Sydney horse!), PRESSING (held-up/ held-up/ very nice over line!), INSPECTOR (wide), PAGO ROCK (blocked badly), ALIYANA (wide) and STEAKANDBERNAISE (slow recovery).

In Sydney it was ROSEHILL and track was GOOD with Rail 6m. Those on-pace nearer the inside lanes had the advantage to my eye. 

Two honourable mentions go to START WONDERING and SCRATCH ME LUCKY both from Race 7 but giving the nod to HAVANA COOLER in the last, he missed the kick, was a mile back against the pattern turning then missed a run at a key stage before weaving clear and flying at the the line, he should have won it !

He ran clear race-fastest 11.62 last 200m. It was a real busy finish in the last, BEYOND THANKFUL had the right run and got the bob over ORBEC who was held-up a touch then savaged the line, he was only 1st-up off a top trial. ORION LOVE (every hope) was third. FOREIGN PRINCE led and had no peace all the way, he kicked and was only swamped late, he ran terrific (even allowing for the fact he had no weight and leaders were favoured). GREATWOOD gave his all in a sound return, there was only .5L over these first six. 

Race 7 saw START WONDERING make a top Oz debut, he worked a bit early then got in, like the way he joined in. HIS MAJESTY sat off them and hit the line hard (11.68 last 200m race-fastest). RADICAL IMPACT was third, he led, and was sound. SCRATCH ME LUCKY was back and wide and made ground before the turn, the effort to keep finding the line was super! 

The feature was the San Domenico and JAPONISME finished too well from off the hot speed (29.01 1st-500m – these new season 3yo’s were .84 (around 4L) faster early than the other 1100m race) and ran sizzling overall time, 1-2.75. KINGS TROOP had the rails trail and got the inside run, he was every chance. HAPTIC had the narrow lead on that hot pace and battled well to keep 3rd. VANCOUVER did enough, he is 1st-up and has a big prep ahead, was every chance though. ALART hit the line for something easier. 

The other 1100m race was won by PRINCEFAMOUS who led in 29.85 1st-500m and kept going too well, time was significantly sower than 3yo’s though, 1-3.93. The race was won on-pace/ inside. MR ENTERTAINER sat off pace but saved the ground and ran 2nd. AWASITA had the rails trail and battled well for 3rd. DUPE EM made good ground but he too made it up nearer the inside. LATIN SALSA kept closing against the pattern and went well, ONEROUS was wide and very good, GAMBLESTOWN swung widest and ran 11.3 last 200m, race-fastest, it was a very good 9th Vs the pattern of the race.

ASTRONOMOS (hooked out wide Vs pattern), RIO PERDIDO (wide), SILVERBALL (came wide/ tempo dead against/ fitter), CAST IN STONE (back and wide), REDZEL (tardy/ checked mid race), HEADWATER (worked early), ONEROUS (wide/ terrific), TESTASHADOW (ran on Vs pattern), MONTIRO (ditto), HAVANA COOLER (as mentioned), EIGELSTEIN (wet tracker) and CANNY BALLAD (worked hard in run).


Our G1 subscribers were tipped the Quaddie in BOTH Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday 8th August using our ”Top-rated runners”.

The Melbourne (Flemington) quaddie paid a massive $7248 and Sydney (Randwick) was nothing to sneeze at either, it paid $1275


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