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Racing was at CAULFIELD on Saturday on GOOD track with Rail was out 6m and there was no pattern/ bias evident.
Well, where to start? So many massive runs! Giving the honorable mentions this week to CHIVALRY and STIPULATE but the major prize goes to COMMANDING JEWEL who was 1st-up, went back along the inside then weaved through, ended up back on that inside rail and really went through the line, in fact, a short distance after the winning post she is a clear length in front of the two on-pace mares who quinellaed the race!
Let’s break it down further. A TIME FOR JULIA led and GREGERS sat up second, they ran 35.17 1st-600m (this was .25 slower than Late Charge who led in the restricted race earlier over same trip) and they kicked, ran 1-2, and ran 1-9.87 (exactly same overall time as Late Charge). COMMANDING JEWEL reeled off an 11.18 split 400-to-200m then an 11.68 last 200m, race-fastest. FOREVER LOVED was a touch tight straightening then found the line super into 4th (home 11.78) and DEAR DEMI came from the back, hooked out wide and she too found the line stylishly fresh (11.86). REAL SURREAL was holding her ground quite well when checked at the 100m and should have finished a bit closer.
Onto the G1 Memsie and the new season 4YO DISSIDENT was impressive! He was a touch keen early then had the good run but love the way he pounced on SWEET IDEA and put the race away, it was not a day for lightning fast times so his 1-22.72 overall, given an even tempo (58.59 1st-800m) was a good gallop! Terrific return. SWEET IDEA gave her all but had no answer when the winner descended. PUISSANCE DE LUNE kept finding the line 2nd-up off that injury break and did stay at 1400m, he was sound! SILENT ACHIEVER broke 11-seconds for her 400-to-200m split then was tightened-up late, nice return from her too. SERTORIUS made nice ground, his 11.45 last 200m was bettered only by one, GIG who ran an 11.34 and is a marvel.
Excellent win in the last to STIPULATE who just travelled so sweetly, he followed the right one, BRAMBLES and had the last crack, then raced by him and ran 11.4 last 200m (one of fastest all day), loved his last 100m, loved his overall time of 1-42.28 given that is just .86 outside the course record. BRAMBLES back from WFA was very solid, just found one better! MARKSMANSHIP measured up well onto drier ground but was every chance in 3rd, SINGLE was 4th (also every chance). Others of note: LET’S MAKE ADEAL (covered ground/ kept closing/ good), ARALDO (hit line nicely, his 11.68 last 200m was bettered only by the winner) and TRADE COMMISSIONER (sound late splits too/ fitter).
Back to Race 6 and how good was CHIVALRY here fresh-up, sat back at the tail 3-wide, still last into straight then produced a terrific finale, he was the only runner to break 34-secs last 600m (33.86) and his 11.36 last 200m was one of the fastest late splits all day, the leaders did not exactly fly either, CORNROW led them in 35.29 1st-600m (so tick slower than the on-pace race won by Gregers 35mins later) so that adds merit to the win. NORDIC EMPIRE sat midfield, joined in quick then did lay in but was only nutted near the line, he did have some match-fitness advantage I guess. AWESOME ROCK was back near the winner turning, he too charged home (34-flat last 600m/ 11.61 last 200m) and fancy his fitness gave out late, more to come! FORGIVE AND FORGET raced touch tight turning then found the line, he measured up well. ZULULAND did not have the dash of the winner but warmed up late, home 11.75, he wants further now. Overall time: 1-10.25
FLAMBERGE won Race 5 despite his 58kg and had a decisive margin on the line, no knock. RIFLEMAN ran hoem hard, his 11.7 last 200m was race-fastest. HARD STRIDE led in 34.78 and was honest as ever. VAIN QUEEN was a serious sob story! A few others made Forgive File here too. They ran 1-3.71 for 1100m here.
Quick note on Race 4 given LATE CHARGE was used up early, then had one annoying him outside yet kicked and won, he ran good time for the day as touched on, 1-9.87 off that 34.92 1st-600m. He has been G1 competitive and can go on thsi prep. PRECIOUS GEM flashed home after being restrained from the gate, her 11.3 last 200m was the fastest all day, she was stiff to miss the ”podium” for Run Of The Day honours!
MISS INTERIORS (hampered key stage), NADEEM LASS (nearly fell 200m!), DIVINE CITY (wide/ midrace move), SIGNOFF (in traffic/ rider never fully opened throttle), PILLAR OF CREATION (wide/ no cover), PAIGE’S BOY (stopped in tracks/ did hit line), NEVERENDING VALLEY (wide, wider!), STAMINA (shuffled out of the race), FINAL JEST (very wide), VAIN QUEEN (shuffled back early/ badly blocked when about to launch), BRITISH GENERAL (wide/ held on well), O’MALLEY (wide/ wider turn/ ran well), SMACKDOWN (bad check 200m), STINGRAY (held-up badly/ only clear 150m), NOVEL DANCER (was holding her ground when checked badly), BONARIA (tardy/ raced tight), SINO EAGLE (too wide), BOBAN (wide no cover/ ran well), MOMENT OF CHANGE (injured) and CORREGIO (internal bleed).
In SYDNEY it was ROSEHILL and track went from HEAVY-8 to HEAVY-9, Rail was 6m. Track played well, the winners of the first and the last were on/near inside rail whilst other winners like Hallowed Crown swooped down the middle, be very wary using relative times given we had rain through the day and track cut-up a little.
Our runners-up this week are STOLEN KISSES and CLUSTER but have to go with HALLOWED CROWN who gave them a start, came to the middle and ran over them all, the early split of 36.89 was hardly low-flying yet he was too good for them.
He looks a star but I guess now has to do it on dry ground. He ran 1-12.91 and beat KUMAON who was alongside him in the run, winner hooked out wide whilst KUMAON went through the field, he was second-best run in it. YGRITTE sat 2nd and took over the lead, she was only collared the last 50m or so and was the only filly engaged. SARAJEVO closed well (was behind the winner 500m out – may need further now) and MODOC who was back there with him, also made up good ground for 5th. Winner clearly won the sectional star title, he was the only one to break 12-secs last 200m, he went 11.86. Worth noting, there was only 4L over the entire field here so….?
To Race 7 and GREATWOOD looked the only leader on paper and they left him alone, he was very well rated but was challenged straightening, he kicked in well and won well 2nd-up. BONFIRE sat just off him and found the line nicely, home 12.08 and race-fastest. HE’S YOUR MAN sat 2nd and was no match winner but just pipped for 2nd. On-pace trifecta. WISH COME TRUE saved ground/ made ground for 4th and best closer was OPINION (home 12.16) who has put together two good runs this prep now, both in on-pace dominated races. CELTIC PRINCE was wide/ good here.
In the last it was WEINHOLT who sat back on the inside and saved the ground, went right through inside them and held off CLUSTER who was restrained to last, swung widest and charged, big run, he covered a stack more ground than the winner and ticked the wet track box. MOUNT NEBO was wide no cover and joined in then was just no match late but others had it softer! MURDER OF CROWS kept finding the line after racing a bit keen, he was sound, but never beat MOUNT NEBO (wide) nor CLUSTER (sailed by him) so no sooking there. REFLECTANCE got left at the tail into home straight, all of a sudden CLUSTER pinched 3L on him, he did find the wire, in fact, his 11.92 last 200m was race-fastest. Time: 1-12.77.
Back to Race 5 and RUGGED CROSS, back to heavy ground, was too good for TOUGHER THAN EVER who had the softer run and was every possible, possible chance! EIGELSTEIN was sound home. LUCKY CHAPPY is ticking over nicely and at least has some upside this prep.. He’s probably the one I’d take from the race.
CUBAN STAR (back/wide), TOHUNGA (too bad to be true), STOLEN KISSES (beaten by tempo), OH SO ADORABLE (wide no cover), NOSTRADAMUS (poor recovery/ wet), ALMALAD (too wet), TUPAC AMARU (bled one nostril), HOYLONNY (too wet) and REFLECTANCE (as mentioned).
Race 1 – BM84 – 1000m
  1. 4 – IL CAVALLO –
  2. 3 – CAUTHEN –
  3. 7 – JUST A BULLET –
  4. 5 – BEAUTY CASH –
  5. 2 – VENTIC –
Race 2 – Maiden – 1600m
  1. 11 – ROYAL OCEAN –
  2. 3 – CREATE A STIR –
  3. 6 – TOPOGRAPHY –
  4. 5 – TELLEM JACK –
  5. 4 – KING BDEANO –
Race 3 – BM70 – 2400m
  1. 3 – BRUNTWOOD –
  2. 8 – MISS MATTY –
  3. 6 – SACRED DREAM –
  4. 1 – NOW AND ZEN –
  5. 10 – BUDGET BLOWOUT –
Race 4 – BM70 – 1000m
  1. 3- FAROLITOS –
  2. 5 – ZELETTO –
  4. 4 – LAZYAXL –
Race 5 – F&M BM90 – 1000m
  3. 11 – SOOSA RAMA –
  4. 2 – DANESTROEM –
  5. 8 – BEST YET TO COME –
Race 6 – F&M BM70 – 1400m
  1. 10 – MUST BE MINK –
  2. 1 – CELERITAS –
  3. 8 – ELLE EXCITE –
  4. 2 – QUAYSIDE –
  5. 5 – STAR IMPULSE –
Race 7 – BM78 – 1400m
  2. 8 – MAHICAN –
  3. 4 – OLTRE FINITO –
  5. 17 – FRACKING –
Race 8 – BM78 – 1800m
  1. 2 – DIGITALISM –
  2. 11 – LONGERON –
  3. 17 – GIDDYUP KIRKY –
  5. 3 – ORIENTAPED –
  6. 12 – ST MARK –
Good luck !

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